9 Nov 2017

Does your professional learning have purpose?

The idea of improving the quality of education in the schools through the development of the professional learning communities is presently in vogue. My professional learning helps in underpinning the professional update process. Proper knowledge and evidence of the impact of learning of my thinking and professional actions are the critical part of the professional update process. Planning as well as a review of the result of professional education based on self-evaluation process is an integral part of the process.

The model of professional learning community assumes that the primary mission of the formal education is not only to ensure that the students are given proper education but also to ensure that students can learn. Professional learning helps in the enhancement of the quality of education that gives rise to improved outcomes. There has been a shift of focus from teaching to learning. A teacher teaches a chapter or a unit in the class and most of the cases it is observed that students are not able to master that chapter properly. I have faced the same problem while attending some of the classes in school. Sometimes, teachers have told the students, including me to get transferred to a less rigorous course or participate in special classes. The moment a school starts to function like a professional learning community, teachers become aware of the incongruity between the lack of a coordinated strategy for responding to students when they are unable to learn and the commitment of the teachers to ensure that every student can learn. This helped me in proper learning of the subjects and clear my doubts. The school has become very systematic, and it helped me in gaining proper knowledge and access other facilities.

The professional learning community helped in the timely identification of the students who are in urgent need of extra time and support from the teachers. This has been one of the primary purposes of professional learning that helped me in some way or the other. The professional learning has taught me to devote more time for studies and get additional assistance from the teachers. Firstly, the teachers can talk to me in person and individually to know my problems regarding academics and solve them at the earliest. The school authorities have contacted my parents to let them know about the problems that I am facing, and this was a grave concern. My parents also guided me at home in my studies. After the implementation of the professional learning community, the parents of the students are called for monthly meetings that helped in monitoring the progress of the students. I can assess my progress and perform accordingly.

Professional learning also focuses on better outcomes. It has helped me to work together as a team so that every one of us can get the achievement and it has become a routine in the school days. The teachers identify the present level of success, establish a goal for the further improvement of the current level, working together to achieve that objective and provision for periodic evidence of the progress. The purpose of this professional learning is to teach the students to work together as a team and share the resources of the school. I have learnt to work as a like-minded individual who can share the opinions and develop a passion for developing myself and my learning as well as teaching skills in school. The professional learning helped in the creation of a strong network between the head teacher and the senior staffs and also between the teachers and the students.

Other purposes of professional learning include:
  • The advantages of sharing several types of information and assisting in the promotion of best practices across the schools 
  • The significant economies of scale that can be achieved when the resources of the school are shared
  •  The elevated level of priority that the schools will be given to the students for the development of their literacy skills so that they can succeed in their workplace in the future and the academics as well throughout the entire curriculum and get ambitious standards. 
This learning also focuses on the various aspects of the improvement of schools such as assessment of learning, improving the investigation of science works, developments in curriculum, play time projects and increasing the use of the outdoor environment. Thus, professional learning communities have urged the employees of the school who have always tried to try something new concerning approaches and ways of working.

Schools and the teachers tend to suffer from DRIP (Data Rich/Information Poor) syndrome.
The community of professionals who are result oriented invites data and information as well as transforms information into helpful and applicable data for staff. Educators have never experienced an absence of information. Indeed, even a teacher who works in detachment can go without much of a stretch set up the mean, mode, middle, standard deviation, and level of student who showed capability each time he or she regulates a test. Be that as it may, information will turn into an impetus for improved teacher practice just if the teacher has a premise of correlation.

This professional learning also helps the teachers in some way or the other. The teachers can develop formative assessments that are common throughout the academic year. The teachers can identify how the students are performing. The teacher has access to varieties of materials, strategies, ideas and talents of the team of which he is a part.

There is some evidence of professional learning that has been discussed below.
  •  Critical reflections of individuals to practice, including reflective journals
  •  Analysis of the works of students, individuals or group
  •  Reflections on professional dialogues with parents, peers, colleagues and learners
  •  Analysis of visual data and artefacts
  •  Analysis of the quantitative and statistical data sets
  •  Analysis of the group discussion and interviews with students
  •  Analysis of the teacher talk by students through the various mediums like audio and video recording
  • Reflections on as well as summary of lessons and discussions with learners
  • Review of student talk (individually or in group)
Hard work and commitment
Indeed, even the most terrific outline, in the end, converts into diligent work. The expert learning group show is a stupendous outline—an intense better approach for cooperating that significantly influences the acts of tutoring. Be that as it may, starting and maintaining the idea requires diligent work. It needs the school staff to concentrate on adapting as opposed to educating, work cooperatively on issues identified with learning, and consider itself responsible for the sort of results that fuel ceaseless change.

At the point when instructors do the diligent work essential to execute these standards, their aggregate capacity to enable all students to learn will rise. On the off chance that they neglect to exhibit the train to start and maintain this work, at that point their school is probably not going to wind up plainly more powerful, regardless of the possibility that those inside it claim to be an expert learning group. The ascent or fall of the expert learning group idea depends not on the benefits of the concept itself, but rather on the most central component in the change of any school—the dedication and determination of the teachers inside it.

The learning group individuals have figured out what they have to realise with a specific end goal to guarantee their sowing produces effective learning for their students. Along these lines, students are the prime supporters of the expert taking in group's strong information think about and focused on proficient learning.

Notwithstanding ending up more successful teachers and conveying higher-quality instructing for their students, these teachers advantage of the main's and other area chairmen's sharing and supporting the administration with skilled learning group individuals. Note the number and criticalness of the choices that the expert learning group individuals make. They have been given shared power, specialist, and basic leadership to direct the craft by their expert learning group.

Through a reliable examination of various sources of student and framework information, the expert learning group tracks the execution of its students. At the point when information demonstrate that students are not figuring out how to desires, the individuals look at all factors that could add to these outcomes and recognise the difficulties. Their subsequent stage is to make new result articulations for their students that address their low execution.

I, as a student, feel that this professional learning is very significant for students and teachers. In a PLC (Professional Learning Community) school, the teachers get the opportunity to work as a team together with the students that helps the students to concentrate on their studies by writing common assessments, identifying at-risk students, planning curriculum and solving problems for students. Teachers can share their concerns that reflect on their strategies of teaching. Students can learn properly from a collaborative planning and pacing of instruction. Through the common assessments, progress monitoring and grade-level expectations indirectly help the students in achieving success. The progress is monitored for each student. PLCs also empowers the administration and the faculty in working collectively to provide instruction of high quality.

28 Aug 2017

Learn French-English to Enhance Your Communication

 In the world of globalisation learning language is becoming most popular. People of the world are becoming multilingual in order to get fit in the changing environment. Learning language will improve the communication skills of the people. They can communicate easily with different people around the world with the help of different languages they know. Today the world has become the global marketplace and to remain competitive; it is very necessary to enhance and acquire additional skills.

French is a very beautiful language, and it is said that it is the language of love. It is a very interesting language to learn, and almost around 500 million people in the world know the French language. French is a Latin descendant and has a number of characteristics which make the language different from its linguistic family. It is considered as one of the hardest languages to learn. It is the official language of 29 countries and is the third most spoken language after English and German. By learning the French language, one will able to enrich his mind, and new horizons will get open.

Language of five continents
French is the language of five continents and is spoken by approx 220 million people. It is the language of international communication and is majorly taught in every continent. It is the most widely used language, and many France institutions run courses which taught the French language.

Job market Place
In the world of globalisation, France is considered as the biggest place of foreign investment. It is one of the biggest growing economies with various opportunities for the job. France is the international market for the job and learning French will open the doors for many people to enter into the French companies and work. Learning French will help them to become more competitive and to make their place at the international level.

Opportunities for Higher Education
Many tops ranked universities and institutions in the world give admissions to the students who know French. By learning French one can easily enrol oneself to various postgraduates and French government programmes. This will help them in getting degrees of their choices from the top most institutes which are internationally recognised. This will also open a lot of opportunities in the marketplace for them which will enrich their career and will be helpful in fulfilling their dreams.

Tourist Place
France is a very beautiful place which everybody wants to visit. It is the world’s top tourist destination that attracts people from all around the world. Places like Paris, The town of Mont Saint- Michel Verailles, Lourdes, Fontinebleau are the places that one must visit. By knowing French, it will become easy for the person to communicate with the local people. This will help them to in getting an insight of the places in the much better way. Also if one faces any problem while visiting the foreign country, by having the basic knowledge of the language will help them a lot in many ways.

French is fun to learn
French is a language which is actually not very difficult to learn. It is only the belief of many people. As French is considered the language of love many people find it enjoyable to learn. It is a very melodious, soft and romantic language. Many people get attracted towards this language as it appeals them as this is a very expressive language.

Makes the world an interactive place to live
French is the third most language which is spoken after English and German. It is the most widely used language. In every part of the world, French is the language which is known by one or the other person. It is considered as the international language, and if one knows this language, it will become easier to communicate with the French speakers present all over the world. If one knows French, then it is very rare that he can face any problem while visiting any of the foreign countries.

Strengthen international relations
The French language is used in various international organisations like UN, UNESCO, Red Cross. If the person knows French language, it will give the opportunity to work in the international organisation. It may also help the person to represent its country internationally. If one seeks its career in the international organisation then learning French is a good Idea and will provide a lot of opportunities.

Makes easier to learn any new Language
As French is a language of Latin Descendants, it will be of great help if in future a person tries to learn any new language which is also a Latin Descendants. It will become easy for the person to learn languages like Spanish, Romanian, Italian and Portuguese. French is considered as the grounding language as it is quite similar to other languages. The Even English language can be learned easily if one knows the French language.

Creative Language
Most of the teachers in school use the French language to make their plays creative. As French is an expressive language student find easier to act in the plays and gain confidence. They develop the interest for the language and listen to French songs and music.

Language of Various Philosophers
French is a very analytical language which involves critical thinking. This language is used by various philosophers and scientist as French is a language that structures the thoughts of the people. Learning French helps people in developing negotiations and discussion skills which are considered as very valuable. Many students also used this language to argue and put their views.
 Hence it can be concluded that French-English is the language which one must learn to make position in the competitive world. It is the language which enhances one's communications skills and open opportunities all over the world.

26 Aug 2017

Online tutoring scope in the UK 2016-2021

With the growing trend of distance learning and availability of online study materials, there has been yet another advancement in the field of education i.e. online tuitions. In the era of internet where everything is being available under a single click, it is easy to find an online tuition facility as well. Online tuitions have many forms like text chat, audio, video and Skype calls as well. The students have a freedom to adopt anyone of the various methods that are available through the online mechanism. Not only through videos, but there are sites that provide an online whiteboard teaching mechanism just like a normal classroom which is also called video conferencing. In this, the students can also have a live chat with their teachers and share files when required. The students majorly opt for mathematics and science to study through online modes of tuition.

Apart from the student's online tutors also feel convenient to teach as it reduces their time and efforts to travel to different places or set up a classroom. Research shows that about 23% of the online tutors in the UK charge more fees in face-to-face teaching as compared to online mode. As in the online mode, tutors require desktops and a web camera or a laptop. The video can be shot in the bedroom, or the even video conferencing can be done sitting in the room. However, when one has to take physical tuition, then it is a requirement that either the tutor sets up a suitable place for the students to come and sit. It might involve a great amount of capital. Another option is to move to the student’s place for teaching. This involves spending a lot of time and money. In both the cases, the tutor charges a high amount of remuneration for the services provided.

In online tuitions, the students have to make an online payment. While in the physical tuition the case is entirely different. In face-to-face tuitions, it becomes easier to get the money for services provided. However, in online tuitions, it is quite difficult for the tutors to get the money. There have been many cases where students first take up online tuitions and then without any prior notice discontinue them. There is a lack of reliability among teacher and student as there is no interaction physically as it is there in the face-to-face classes. This can act as a major drawback for the tutors and can highly affect their will to teach online.

Another very important aspect in the online tuition is getting new clients. This becomes difficult many times as they do not have any direct interaction with the clients. Thus, online tutors have to take up various ways for promoting their business name, online marketing, online tutor directories, mouth publicity by students and Google ads. These really help the tutor to build up a potential clientele base and make the best possible use of their resources. As per a survey, the best option for publicising the business is always word of mouth. This is inexpensive as real feedback is obtained from the students who actually study from the online tutors. Google ads may be considered better, but are expensive and at the same time do a little help to the online tutors. This fact has been established through an interview conducted on various online tutors.  

As far as the parents are concerned for being in favour or against the view their children going for online tuitions is majorly positive. It means that the parents are mostly in favour of online tuitions firstly because of the convenience their children have. By opting for online tuitions, students can have access to the best of tutors while sitting in their own comfort zone. Secondly, parents also approve for online tuitions because there is a lack of experienced and expert teachers in the nearby vicinity. As the students have to travel long distances in order to seek better tutoring options parents feel it more comfortable to get expert guidance at home itself. As per a survey, most of the parents opt for online tuitions in the present scenario, and this trend is likely to rise by 2021. Moreover, there is a possibility that by that time a majority of the secondary students would go in for online tuitions.  

As the trend of online tuition is growing day by day, it is believed that more teachers will be available to manage a large number of students. It is also considered by many of the online tutors that the level of education is likely to get increased. This enables the poor section of the society to be able to afford quality education for their child and make him/her a qualified person. At the same time, it is possible that to deploy online tuitions in schools as well. This is so because the school has to appoint a specialist for every language that is being taught in the school. Rather it is possible to appoint an online tutor for each of the languages instead of appointing a teacher in the school. This would be more comfortable and easy for the school administration to manage the work simply.

There are certain barriers to implementing online education as the technology required for it might not be available to all the students as well as teachers. Also, the speed of internet becomes a hurdle while the class is going on. If for any reasons the internet connection of the tutor gets interrupted then the flow of teaching and studying gets highly affected. Also, the lack of knowledge hinders its progress. It means that the students are not well aware of the availability of the online tuitions due to the lack of publicity. As the parents never get to meet the tutor, it requires extra efforts to know the progress of the child. This lack of interaction between tutor and parent may cause confusion about the position of the students. 

Thus, there are many barriers that still need to be eliminated in order to make online education popular in the UK till 2021.

23 Aug 2017

The best countries in the world to get a higher education

Education is an essential part of anyone’s life. Apart from making people literate, it gives the sense of living life. While talking of higher education and that too in a foreign country, can be an expensive affair for a student. At the same time, cross-country education is a not only a learning opportunity but a chance to understand other cultures as well. To the extent, it brings in a positive change in a student’s life it is the most wonderful experience to study abroad. Also, it is essential to identify a correct course and country to go for completing your education. Selecting a place that is student friendly and that can add up to your professional as well as social values would be the best place for your higher studies.

Therefore, here are some of the countries where you can get a complete package and everything that you require.

The United States of America
The USA is a country that does not require much of introduction and homes the top universities of the world in every field possible. College education in this country has a wide range of college where the students have access to courses in arts, science as well as commerce. Even though the education cost is quite high, there are various aids and scholarships available for the deserving candidates. These can be accessed by scoring good grades in the entrance exams for being eligible for studying in the USA. Also, their norms are very strict, and thus one needs to work hard on getting through the exams. Once, a student receives an admission and completes the degree with good grades then there is a bouquet of opportunities as soon as he/she steps out of college. Hence, it is the top most choice for the students who want to go abroad for studies.

Canada is the second most eligible city for education based on the validity of degree globally and also for being cost-effective as well. It is a fact that Canada provides higher education to the students at many concessional rates as compared to the other countries like U.K., Australia, U.S.A. and New Zealand. The Canadian universities offer a platform to the students for experiencing different cultures at the same place and get access to world-renowned education. While studying the students get an opportunity to do part time jobs that not only gets added to their work experience but also supplements their expenses. Getting a work permit by being able to afford their tuition fees would quickly make them entitled to get a work visa. Thus, a country offering so many benefits is rather preferable to the students.

United Kingdom
The UK is a beautiful place for the students to study as they get a creative edge to their learning process. The courses offered not only allows the students to get a better knowledge of a particular subject but also gives them the freedom of being developing individual skills in addition to the academics. There are some world-renowned universities for learning the English Language is present in the UK. Every international student can follow their passion along with gaining education from the universities. The academic session in the UK is from September to July. The degree and grades earned in the UK would allow the students to get a reputable job in any of the world-class companies situated in or outside the country.

Getting a chance to learn and hone talent in any of the German universities is a blessing in disguise for the national and international students as well. Apart from providing a wide range of self-facilitated courses the German universities have various tie-up programmes with the most renowned universities around the globe. This ensures that the students who are capable but cannot afford to go abroad for studies have access to foreign education with the help of various scholarships and tie-up programmes. Also, the universities of Germany try to book spaces for the international students to give them an equal chance of studying as compared to the national students.

As per the various reports published by Financial Times, Times Higher and European Reports published by European Commission, the French colleges are ranked in the Shanghai Classification of the Universities. For the same reason, the French education gains a world renowned place in the world. Also, the government of France spends a lot of money on the education sector. As per a report, it estimated that more than 20% of the total budget of France spent on education. This makes a huge difference in the quality as well as facilities provided to the national as well as international students. Along with academics, a student has access to full range of activities including athletics, touristic and cultural. Also, the courses provided are economical and are readily available to the international students.

Swedish universities operate differently from the rest of the universities around the world. They are open, and the emphasis is laid down on group-study. Innovation is the axis of their learning process, and the creativity is the key to achieving it. Students taking initiatives to challenge the age-old theories are welcomed and encouraged. The number of international students is as many as 30 thousand, which itself speaks of the success story of Swedish universities. Not only the course learning but these universities home different cultures, and through group studies, they spread from one student to the other and promote tolerance level of students.

Thus, these universities are not only a centre for learning, but also enhancing their socio-cultural values that increase the harmony among different nations and broadens the thinking of people. The universities hone talent along with providing job opportunities to them. The globalisation of education has to lead the students to access the world-class education facilities and generate new ideas that will be useful for the entire world.

22 Aug 2017

Online statistics tools for students

Statistical tools are important regarding the analysis of the data collected either for some research or if they are the students of statistics. In both, the cases applying the tools is quite difficult as lengthy processes and calculations are required to be applied before the final output can be obtained. For easing out the process of the student's various companies have launched software and tools that can be used for making the calculation process quick and easy. Apart from easing the process of calculation these tools help the students to zero down the error rate and produce accurate results based on the input provided. 

Here is the list of few most popular software that would change the opinion of the students about the tough calculations involved in statistics.


Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) is a software that has been launched by the IBM. This data is useful for the students as it allows them to do data entry and create various tables along with graphs in order to analyse the data thoroughly. This software is much applicable to the social sciences and buzz world, where the data to be managed is more and calculations are lengthy. It can be easily installed on a computer running any version of Windows as well as for desktops having an open source operating system. The data is entered through the worksheet, and the various options are present to work on the data. For example, under the data option, you will have a list that includes various formats of searching, sorting and arranging it. Also, there is an option of graphs that allows the user to plot graphs of different types depending upon the requirement of data. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and no written commands are required. The only selection has to be done.


Stata is statistical analysis software developed in 1982 by StataCorp LP. Apart from data analysis, the software embeds a wide range of services like data management, plotting graphs, provides exact case-control statistics and various tests along with their predictions. This a list of key features of Stata. There is much more to the software which in turn allows the quick processing of the data. Just one click and the data entered in the worksheet gets converted into a graph or a chart depending upon the requirement of the calculation. The software is available for almost all versions of various operating systems and thus is considered to be flexible. Varying versions of the software is available for ever-changing needs of the users. For example, some might use Stata/SE for large data sets while some of the users might be interested in using it for multiprocessor computers called Stata/MP. Thus, students can buy the version depending on their needs and data analysis.

 MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program that contains spreadsheets allowing the users to enter numerical values and formulae for calculations. This software is marked as highly useful for statistical calculations. It contains a list of formulae and thus allows the users to simply select the row and formula. There might be some formulae that are not included in the list, but they can be appended manually by the user. This is an additional feature which makes it all the more suitable for the users. It contains a list of different graphs that can be included in the calculation process making it easy for the user to display the results. In addition to the basic designs, there are a lot of new types of graphs included in the list. The pages are called spreadsheets and are in a tabular format. The users can work simultaneously on different sheets, and the collection of sheets is called a workbook. The users have to install the entire package of Microsoft Office in order for Excel to work properly. It is mainly available for Windows users.    

Minitab 17

This is one of the leading statistical software which was established in the year 1972. It is one of the most widely used software because all major companies and colleges are using it. As per a survey, almost 90% of the total business firms and approximately 4000 colleges and universities are using this software for analysing their statistical data. This software is the highest version of the Minitab launched initially. This software is useful for even those who do not have any experience of the statistics. The software includes two main analyses namely, Design of Experiments and Multiple Regression. Apart from these new features, the users get access to the regular analysis methods like capability analysis hypothesis chart and control charts. Minitab 17 has gained acceptance around the globe, and for the same reason, the company has launched the product in various regional languages like French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. The prompt customer support system is the backbone of the success story of Minitab 17.

R software

R is a termed as an open source programming language along with being software. It is specially designed for the statistical analysis of data along with providing graphical interpretations that are supported by R foundations only. It was developed with the motive of providing free availability of statistical analysis tool. It is an open source language and software that means it can be used to develop statistical tools along with providing them itself. It is mainly a command based software and less of GUI that makes it a bit tough to use. Thus, it is less popular these days as long codes are required to execute the statistical analysis and consumes time. However, for those who have a passion for programming in statistics, R acts as a blessing in disguise. It is possible for them to play with numbers and figures.  

Thus, all these tools have their unique features in order to produce the best results for any of the statistical data entered by the user. Some are command based while others have GUI, but the main motto is to get unified and accurate result in any situation.

21 Aug 2017

Scope of Online Education in the UK

Online education, also known as E-learning; is a process of giving access to learning through a personal computer by providing material and resources with the help of appropriate technologies. 

Therefore, it is characterised by:
·         Use of computer network and internet to either present or distribute education content
·         Provision of two-way communication
·         No requirement of self-study and private tutoring

The focus of online education is more on learning content than on communication between teachers and learners. Its primary goal is an improvement in productivity in secondary education.

Online education is growing and is here to stay in the UK. It is creating new opportunities for students, teachers and education institutes themselves. It has provided better access to education for many and will benefit more in coming years. In recent years, various education institutes have shown interest in taking up the online course as a part of their regular course. Researchers have found that online classroom are more productive and there is more focus on the subject being taught with less distraction, thus allowing students to learn effectively in their respective subjects. Open education contributes to the further professionalisation of lecturers, through participation in both open courses on educational subjects and sharing of course materials.

As per the survey conducted in the UK, online collaboration tool software which supports paced learning individually, are expected to improve academics in coming years. Now with online learning, teaching will focus more on the outcome by applying knowledge to a particular problem. Textbooks will be replaced by online materials, and teacher’s role will become more of a mentor than instructor and assignments would be designed to increase thought process among the students. The rise of online review system would allow some teaching materials to permanently exist in virtual form, which could be updated and refined at any time. This will affect future academic offerings by increasing innovative research, student engagement and academic collaboration. In coming years, there would be more inter-university collaboration among various institutes in the UK, as well as, across the world. 

Increased access to the web and digital technologies has given a new lease of life to many areas like broadcasting, publishing and social relation in the UK.  Broadcasting connectivity has increased from 25% in 2005 to 95% in 2016 and government has set a target of providing high-speed network using 3G and 4G networks so that students can access online courses via from their smartphones. Nevertheless, online delivery of higher education is still in its nascent phase and growing at a low rate in UK education sector. According to a recent survey, UK online education courses are typically vocational courses delivered in the partnership between education institutes and specialist and often enrol students from the UK and across the world.

Today, online degree programmes and distance learning like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) have gained a wide momentum around the universities of the world. MOOC’S are an open online course which can be accessed free of cost. They have developed rapidly since 2008 in the UK deliver higher education in a new and innovative way. The courses are based on a variety of online resources like videos and message boards and seek to capitalise high volume of students by providing recorded lectures and notes to the student. 

Moreover, they encourage them to pursue online learning network in place of traditional learning and academic mode of the education system. They might be developed either independently by academics or by third party online platforms through a contractual agreement with education institutions. This has enabled the students to access high-quality academic content and to engage with the wider audience. MOOC’s have expanded in recent years, on major online platforms and offers hundred of courses to millions of registered users. MOOC’s are being explored across universities in the UK to capitalise on low price and flexible mode of learning. It enables students to engage with academics and help them to meet the demand for career opportunities and provide institutes to provide all-round developmental education to their children.

MOOC’s might help to lower the education cost and restructure it to attract learners looking for lower cost provision and provides institutes to develop free user model by changing institutional strategy such as the development of shared educational services through licensing and reciprocal arrangement. This mode of flexible, free and accessible model delivered through online platform using broadcast and distributed peer learning represents a new relationship between students, institutions, academics and technology firms. There are various platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity and Futurelearn which provides online courses in various educational organisations in the UK.

Analysis conducted by a renowned company found that in the UK, investment in providing online learning has increased from $ 200 million in 2008 to $ 900 million in 2012. In addition to the MOOC’s, investment is also made in providing education via software firms through adaptive learning system based on digital learning tools like e-textbook and virtual learning platforms. In 2012, leading educational universities like Edinburgh University and University of London, signed a pact with Coursea to provide online certification courses.

Finally, online learning has created an opportunity for working persons also to get quality knowledge in their respective field and certified them to increase their prospects of securing their future bright. Furthermore, these certification programmes have allowed students to access practical knowledge about their respective fields and hone their skills to survive themselves in this competitive environment. 

Thus, with great access to e-learning, UK education system is on the path of going virtual in providing online-based education to students, as well as, job-seekers which would benefit not only students; but also their teachers and education organisation in providing quality education so that students may get prepare for industries and other jobs and secure their future in an effective way which would benefit the country the most.

19 Aug 2017

Top 7 Music Instruments for Beginners

Do you believe that your music career can be smashed due to wrong selection of musical instrument?

Don’t make a mistakeDon’t let your career suffer from the biggest mistake of your music life, Select the most suitable instrument for yourself. Here, we come to help you to choose the best musical instrument and for your little buddy.

Many of us can play different types of musical instruments like guitar, piano and violin. People say the musical instruments are easily to learn, but it is true that the modern musical instruments, which are primarily electrical, needs a basic grip on the device. Music experts suggest starting the musical journey with the traditional or old models of instruments because those are less complex and easy to handle.

Since the past, people consider music as the matter of entertainment. At that time, there were very few instruments for music, but nowadays, we are familiar with the several musical instruments like violin, guitar, cello, clarinet, trumpet, piano, harp and many others. However, playing every musical instrument is not easy. For example, if you are a beginner, playing the harp can be a difficult job for you. We can suggest you few musical instruments, which are very easy and you can easily learn how to play those instruments.

A piano is one of those musical instruments, which you can select at the early stage of your musical life. A piano is the traditional musical instruments and a seven years old kid can easily learn how to play the piano. Learning piano helps the beginner to build a strong theoretical base of music. Though presently, we have access to different types of pianos, a beginner must always choose the traditional piano.

A guitar is another most preferable music instrument that you can select to learn basics of music. Guitar is very easy to handle, and we can easily afford this instrument at the early stage of learning music. We prefer to learn guitar in the beginning because it provides the basic knowledge of music.

Playing the flute is also very easy, and you can learn how to play flute at the early stage of our musical journey. a flute is available at a very low price and the first stage of music learning, you don’t need to invest huge money for purchasing flute. This instrument is delightful, and the sweet melody of flute attracts the kids.

Violin is another interesting musical instrument that a beginner can try to enter into the world of music. A 6 years old child can easily handle Violin, and the outer looks and soothing melody attract the children as well as adults. Violin is available in different sizes. So, we can buy violin as per our ability to handle the instrument. However, a beginner must always start learning with the non-electric violin, which is easy to handle and easy to understand each knot of music.

You can also start our musical journey with saxophone. The charming sound and unique looks of saxophone are lovely to the kids as well as to the adults. However,  saxophone is a bit difficult for the kids below eight years. As this instrument is available in different sizes, we can buy it as per our convenience. Children can take part in different musical programmes in their schools if they learn saxophone because saxophone is used in most of programmes or events in schools.

Cello is also one of the top musical instruments that a beginner can learn. Learning cello is easy because it does not need to remember varieties of scale. Kids find cello very attractive because they can play this instrument quickly and the sound of a cello is also very charming.

Mandolin is also a suitable music instrument for the beginners. A Mandolin is similar to guitar to some extent, but the complexity of the instrument is less. Mandolin is also available at very low rate and access to all the places. Mandolins are small, and the beginners can easily handle the music through a mandolin.

So, stop looking at the wrong instrument for yourself or your child. Select any one of the instruments mentioned above and start your musical journey with lots of enjoyment and secure top position of your music career.