31 May 2014

Earning opportunity for UK tutors

Select my tutor is the website that acts a best platform for the UK tutors and their career. The tutors in search of the students can submit your profile in our website. If you join with our network of experienced tutors, you will definitely gain more knowledge and best surrounding for your career. As a tutor, you know there are many students seeking for best tutors like you and we are here to lift up you in your career. Yes! With our network you gain more not only money but also the knowledge.

To enter into our website first you have to prepare your high end profile with which you can show your creativity and thus attract potential students. Your profile should be in such a way it must attract students so that students will approach you. Here we are just a bridge to connect you and the student, so it’s your responsibility to draw the students towards you.  So your plays a major role in getting better and talented student enquirers.

Tutoring via select my tutor is an easy step process

Step 1: Join as tutor by clicking on the same
Step 2: Register as a member in Select my tutor
Step 3: Provide your details with a valid email id and admin will verify your account.
Step 4: Search for students who looks for home tutors as per academics and distance willing to travel
Step 5: Contact the student who are in search for the tutors and once the students found you as an       appropriate person for his needs; he will send you the request.
Step 6: After your authorization of the request, our website exchanges the contact of the tutor and student.
Thus tutors like you can get the contacts and after that you can directly contact with each other for tuition classes.

After that you can search for the best Maths Tutions, and then send a chat request to the tutor. The tutor after seeing your profile if likes your profile gives authorization for your request. One after authorized by the tutor, you can chat with particular tutor and get contact details of the tutor.

Thus it is very simple to join as a student and get the best tutors. Parents who want to know each and every move of the child can also open account similar to that of the student. You can guide your child through this gateway.