19 Aug 2017

Top 7 Music Instruments for Beginners

Do you believe that your music career can be smashed due to wrong selection of musical instrument?

Don’t make a mistakeDon’t let your career suffer from the biggest mistake of your music life, Select the most suitable instrument for yourself. Here, we come to help you to choose the best musical instrument and for your little buddy.

Many of us can play different types of musical instruments like guitar, piano and violin. People say the musical instruments are easily to learn, but it is true that the modern musical instruments, which are primarily electrical, needs a basic grip on the device. Music experts suggest starting the musical journey with the traditional or old models of instruments because those are less complex and easy to handle.

Since the past, people consider music as the matter of entertainment. At that time, there were very few instruments for music, but nowadays, we are familiar with the several musical instruments like violin, guitar, cello, clarinet, trumpet, piano, harp and many others. However, playing every musical instrument is not easy. For example, if you are a beginner, playing the harp can be a difficult job for you. We can suggest you few musical instruments, which are very easy and you can easily learn how to play those instruments.

A piano is one of those musical instruments, which you can select at the early stage of your musical life. A piano is the traditional musical instruments and a seven years old kid can easily learn how to play the piano. Learning piano helps the beginner to build a strong theoretical base of music. Though presently, we have access to different types of pianos, a beginner must always choose the traditional piano.

A guitar is another most preferable music instrument that you can select to learn basics of music. Guitar is very easy to handle, and we can easily afford this instrument at the early stage of learning music. We prefer to learn guitar in the beginning because it provides the basic knowledge of music.

Playing the flute is also very easy, and you can learn how to play flute at the early stage of our musical journey. a flute is available at a very low price and the first stage of music learning, you don’t need to invest huge money for purchasing flute. This instrument is delightful, and the sweet melody of flute attracts the kids.

Violin is another interesting musical instrument that a beginner can try to enter into the world of music. A 6 years old child can easily handle Violin, and the outer looks and soothing melody attract the children as well as adults. Violin is available in different sizes. So, we can buy violin as per our ability to handle the instrument. However, a beginner must always start learning with the non-electric violin, which is easy to handle and easy to understand each knot of music.

You can also start our musical journey with saxophone. The charming sound and unique looks of saxophone are lovely to the kids as well as to the adults. However,  saxophone is a bit difficult for the kids below eight years. As this instrument is available in different sizes, we can buy it as per our convenience. Children can take part in different musical programmes in their schools if they learn saxophone because saxophone is used in most of programmes or events in schools.

Cello is also one of the top musical instruments that a beginner can learn. Learning cello is easy because it does not need to remember varieties of scale. Kids find cello very attractive because they can play this instrument quickly and the sound of a cello is also very charming.

Mandolin is also a suitable music instrument for the beginners. A Mandolin is similar to guitar to some extent, but the complexity of the instrument is less. Mandolin is also available at very low rate and access to all the places. Mandolins are small, and the beginners can easily handle the music through a mandolin.

So, stop looking at the wrong instrument for yourself or your child. Select any one of the instruments mentioned above and start your musical journey with lots of enjoyment and secure top position of your music career.

28 Jun 2017

Why is it important to learn business English?

In the 21st century, we are connected with every part of the world. So we should be aware of all global languages to communicate with different people from a different origin effectively. As the saying goes – “Learning a language is to understand others.”You may have sometimes wondered when you have been advised to learn business English about what is business English. Is it same as normal English? These questions may have come up in your mind. We have the answers right here for you.

There is a slight difference between the business English and the colloquial English language of which you speak.

Now coming to the question why should you learn business English? Why is it important for you to develop your knowledge of business English? You may find that every year more and more people are taking courses for business English which may make you feel that business English is highly important and it should be adopted. However, you should first understand the reason behind learning the business English so that you can learn the language easily.

Business language has its vocabulary. While stepping into the professional world, you may find that the language in which the professionals are interacting are far different from the languages in which the non-professionals interact. Hence when communicating in finance, politics, law and trade relationships, you are expected to speak the business English, that is, in simple words speak the professional language.

In a Business English course, you learn the vocabulary used in business and perform different business tasks to practice applying it.  These include, for example, how to do a business presentation in English, how to negotiate and business writing. Further topics include how to conduct meetings, how to give opinions, understanding job profiles and marketing vocabulary and writing letters and emails.

Some of the following points will help you understand the importance of studying business English.

  • Overall English ability
If you are already fluent in English and can converse freely in English then now you are required to develop your professional speaking power. By studying business English, you can make overall improvement of your English language ability. These could range from starting on your career path, looking for a promotion, pushing for a pay rise or simply feeling more confident in your role. Whatever your reasons may be, learning Business English can contribute to your professional progress, not to mention being rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Studying for working abroad
Looking for an international job opportunity? Do you think you can manage well in any foreign country with the type of English knowledge that you have now? Then you may not have to study the business English. However, in many cases, it is recommended that if you are trying to get the international working opportunity, then you should learn business English. If you are aiming low with respect to your professional career, then business English is not your concern. However for international business communications and interactions and in particular for the marketing and administrative jobs, the knowledge of business English will help you to become a successful professional.
  • Learning business English for professional works
Do you know how to write an official mail? Are you aware of making a sales presentation overnight? These are some of the integral parts of your professional career. There are also some words which should be rightly used by you while making business communications. But if you are not aware of the business vocabulary then you will make a mess of the conversation. Political and economic discussions are also incomplete without sufficient business English skills

If you are thinking where to find the effective business English courses, then we have again got the answer for you. Now with the availability of easy business English courses online, you will not have to spend any extra money for learning this course. Business English courses are available as a combination course. You can now avail the course in London school of English on their website by registering with a minimum amount of course fee.

If you want to learn physically, then you have the option of attending the small crash course classes which comprise of 5 to 10 people and combines 20 hours of class on a weekly basis. So now you have the option of availing the facilities and develop your business English accordingly.

26 Jun 2017

11 Simple Habits to Boost Your Memory and Brain Power

Are you suffering from memory issue?
Remember, you are nothing without your brain. So, don’t let the issue go on. Now is the time to boost up your memory and brain by considering our useful and innovative suggestions. 

Follow our suggestions that are mentioned below:

Improve your eating habits
Improving eating habits is the most important action that you must take to strengthen your brain. You must know that to work properly, our brain needs glucose, which you can provide by eating green vegetables, different types of fruits and grains. Remember, regular and timely eating habit is very important. So, you need to maintain the eating time also and at the same time, you have to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. 

Sleep properly
Sleeping is another most important practice that you have to follow. Regular and timely sleep is essential for proper function of our brain as well as our whole-body system. The standard time of sleeping for an adult person is daily 7 to 8 hours. When you sleep, your brain gets to rest. So, if you do not let the brain rest, then it won’t work properly and you will suffer from the diseases like memory loss, depression, weakness and many other diseases.

Organize yourself
Every doctor suggests us to follow a daily routine to remain healthy and strong. To follow the daily routine, you have to be organised properly. Prepare a strict routine for your daily activities and follow that properly. If you do this, then your brain will be habituated with the activities and your brain will feel less pressure.

Do some extra-curricular activities
Practising some extra-curricular activities is also good for our brain and memory. The activities like, singing, playing musical instruments, playing outdoor or indoor games, dancing, swimming even cooking is very good to keep our brain refresh. These activities make ourselves happy and when we are happy, our brain functions properly.

Regular exercise
Regular exercise is also a good practice that keeps our brain and memory active. You may have noticed before that when after doing exercise, your feel refresh. Regular exercise makes our body-parts more active and helps in smooth blood flow within our body, which makes the brain more active.

Practice meditation
Meditation is another important and quite effective for boosting our memory. By practising meditation, you can grow a self-controlling power within yourself. You will be more determined if you practice meditation properly. Moreover, meditation makes our brain calm and quiet, which enhances the power of concentration.

Try brain games
Playing brain games like, puzzles or quiz or chess is the effective way to improve the capacity of our brain. We have to use our brain more to play these games, which improves our concentration level and makes our brain active.

Balance the stress
Balancing the stress level is mandatory for better functioning of our brain. Presently, the stress level of human beings has increased much and in this scenario, it is our duty to get some peace in any way. Balancing the mental stress helps to get that peace of mind. You can balance your stress by organising your daily activities properly.

Avoid mistakes
You must avoid repeating your mistakes again and again. Remember, we can handle our mistake one or two times, but repeating the mistakes make our lives critical, which ultimately increases the stress level. Hence, you must avoid your mistakes.

Prioritise the tasks
Prioritising the tasks makes our daily life easier. If you prioritise your daily activities, then you have the idea, what you have to do first and how you will complete each task. It makes the life simpler and does not create complexities, which hampers our brain’s activities. 

Motivate yourself
You must keep yourself motivated to reduce the stress level of your brain. If you are motivated, then you become happier and when you are happier, your brain is stress-free. To motivate yourself, you can do the activities that you like. Avoid the complexities in your life and try to find the best part in yourself to motivate yourself.

24 Jun 2017

Improve your Spanish by watching TV

According to Frank Smith “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”So it’s better that you acquire knowledge in more than one language. Are you thinking which language you should learn apart from English? We would suggest that start learning Spanish. 

Spanish, the sweet language of romance, can now be easily learnt by watching only TV shows. The question can arise in your mind that why will you learn Spanish? The answer is simple, among all languages Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken global language with around 400 million speakers. And to add to this, becoming a Spanish speaker will help you to flaunt your language skills in your CV. 

Are you facing the problem of interpreting conversations in Spanish? There can be situations where you may be able to read and write Spanish without an issue, but you might face a problem with conversing in Spanish. 

Are you facing an issue of attending Spanish class or having difficulty in finding suitable Spanish teacher? Do not worry, and now you can learn Spanish from your bedroom. You can sit back and relax and learn Spanish while watching TV. The simple option in such cases for improvement of Spanish is to watch Spanish TV shows. 

You can watch extra en Espanol where 13 episodes will help you to learn Spanish without any hindrance. This show has been designed for beginners who are not able to interpret any information spoken in Spanish. The speakers in the show are very slow and this will help you to develop your grasp of the language. 

But will mere watching of the TV show help you to develop the Spanish speaking skill? The answer is NO. 

You will need to follow these simple steps, only then you will be able to improve the Spanish language skills.

Make the right choice: As rightly said “Life is defined by the choices you make”, hence it is necessary that you chose the right shows in order to make your learning process easier. Are you an age-old Spanish speaker? If not, then how will choose a romantic Spanish series to help you in understanding a language? Always remember that for a beginner, the easiest shows are the ones with the easy language and simple versions. You can thus effectively choose the cartoons or the programs fixed for the young learners. These shows use easy sentences and easy conversations are carried on which will help you to easily interpret and develop your Spanish language skills. 

Ignore subtitles: It is very common practice to check out the subtitles when you don’t understand what is being said. But this practice will not help you to learn the language. How will you rely on subtitles while you are speaking with a person? So the first things that you need to do are cut out on the subtitle part and try to understand what is being said in the show.

Use writing technique: When you are watching a show, there can be situations when you will not be able to understand some parts of the show. What you need to do in this case is to smartly note down the phrases or the words that you are facing problem in understanding. In some shows, you will see a trend of repeated conversations. Now when you are free or relaxing just pick out the phrases you have noted and try to find their meaning from the internet. 

Take help from TV online: In a case of TV online you will have the option of pausing in between the overall conversation. Rewind, fast forward and pause buttons will help you to repeat all the phrase and different parts of the conversation many times. 

As stated by Nelson Mandela “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart” and to reach the hearts of the Spanish speakers you need to understand their language and make them understand your language. Learn the language of love and romance and dive into the Latino culture. So next time you are in Spain or you get to meet a Spanish speaking person, you would know the trick of conversing freely with that person. 

23 Jun 2017

Spanish Teacher: A Challenge and an Opportunity

Spanish one of the most recognised languages in the world, if you know the language, you will be considered as more valuable than many other people. Spanish as one of the most romantic languages in the world and teaching this language to the other people is a great opportunity. If you are fluent in Spanish, then you may choose your career in this language.

However, you must know that though Spanish can be an excellent career opportunity for you, it may also be a challenge to you. Here, we will show you what challenge you may face and what opportunity you may gain if you become a Spanish teacher.

Spanish is an opportunity to you because this language is on high demand in several countries. If you become a Spanish teacher, you may have several job opportunities at highly recognised places. On the other hand, the language itself a good feeling; Spanish is easy to teach and most of the students get interested in learning Spanish because of the soothing pronunciation of the language. As a Spanish teacher, you also have the opportunity of teaching the students online. Nowadays, you may use the learning apps while teaching Spanish to your students.

Teaching Spanish is an opportunity to you because it provides to huge earning scopes. If you are in the UK or USA or Australia, you will find several teaching jobs at reputed Universities and the remuneration packages at those Universities are also high. In many management colleges, Spanish is taught as a compulsory subject. Therefore, you have the opportunity to join in these colleges as a Spanish teacher. You will be happy to know that nowadays, the MNC organisations are recruiting the people, who know the Spanish language. If you are a Spanish teacher, then you may join at the MNCs as the interpreter.

However, you must be aware of the fact that you may face several challenges if you become a Spanish teacher.

Do you know that the success of a teacher depends on the quality of the students?
Yes, it is absolutely true and this is the main challenge of being a Spanish teacher.

Spanish is very soothing language, but to the new learner, it is as tough as Hebrew. So, teach a new learner is very challenging for every Spanish teacher. On the other hand, the high demand for the Spanish language has created another challenge for the people like you, who are fluent in Spanish. Due to the high demand, many Spanish people are applying for the job of a Spanish teacher and most of the time, the native Spanish people are getting a better job than the people from the other countries.

Hence, if you are not from Spain, then it is quite challenging for you to get a better career opportunity at the MNCs. To become a Spanish teacher, it is not just enough to know how to speak in the Spanish language. You have to know how to use the teaching tools to teach Spanish properly. If you do not belong from Spain, then you have to adopt the right attitude and pronunciation to teach the Spanish language to the students.

The biggest challenge that you may face is that there is no perfect Spanish language – there are European Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Hispanic Spanish. So, while teaching Spanish, you must have the knowledge over all of the divisions of the Spanish language. Translating the other language into Spanish is also very challenging because it is considered as a longer language. Due to this, if you want to translate any particular language like, English into Spanish with the help of any application, then it will be difficult to translate.

Hence, on one hand, Spanish is an opportunity for you and on the other hand, Spanish is a challenge to you. We believe that you are the one, who can better judge, whether Spanish is an opportunity or challenge to yourself. So, understand the language carefully and then decide whether you must opt the job of a Spanish teacher, or you must try for something else.

10 Jun 2017

The Importance of Music in Childhood Development

It is commonly said that “Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart”. So music can be a good tool to generate happiness in the hearts of your child. Music is a universal language of communication, so regardless of the background and language problem everyone can communicate with music. Harvard psychologists have confirmed that music is your best way of knowing and communicating your child. 

Do you want to help your child to be mentally stronger than others? Obviously, your answer will be yes and if it is a yes, then music is your effective tool in this matter. Researches show that music stimulates logical and rational parts of your child’s brain, and helps them in developing their reading, mathematics and emotional skills.Help your child to learn a musical instrument from their early years because as per the reports of National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, this initiative will help your child to improve their numerical learning ability and will also improve the SAT score.

You can boost that your child has a brilliant memory to everyone but for that, you need to just simply introduce your child to music from the early years. When the child hears the songs of different languages all the time, he is prone to develop language control and the soothing music stimulates all cells of the brain. So now your child’s brain is well developed to work along with his body. 

Which parents would not love to have a socially extrovert child with high confidence levels? We know that you are thinking is it possible to boost confidence in a 5 to 6 year old child with only exposing him to music? Yes, researches confirm that music has the power to build confidence in children. When you expose your child to any musical instrument, the child mixes with different other individuals of either his age or of different age and is able to shed off the introvert nature. During the course of learning musical instruments, children are made to perform in different live shows and concerts which give them the opportunity to stand up in light and develop confidence. In some cases, the child may be criticised for the bad performances and as rightly said failure is the key to success, every criticism makes the confidence level of the child stronger.

Is your child an infant? And you are largely troubled with sleepless nights and not able to control the crying of your child? Then you already know the best solution. Use music to sooth your infant child. Music can enliven your infant’s mind and make the child fall in sleep readily which will also help you get rid of sleepless nights. 

As rightly stated by George Savile “A man who is master of patience is master of everything else” and hence it is desirable that a child gradually learns to develop the skills of being patient from the very early years. When a child is playing in a band or orchestra, your child needs to wait for his/her turn to play the music. That waiting period makes the child patient and mentally strong to deal any situation with ease. “You need to work together in a group to make good music” stated by Dotson-Westphalen and hence this also helps your child to develop the skills of group work at an early stage. 

Music can also highlight the creative aspect of your kid. Introduction to music from childhood will help your child to open up to the beats. Then the wild dancing side or the poetic lyricist side of your child will be revealed with the help of the music. Thus music encourages the inner creativity. Finally, it can be pointed that when the child is hearing to music and learning from the same, he/she is also developing good listening skills which may add to their future communication skills.

So do you have a wannabe singer at your home? Or a future pianist is growing up at your place? How will you identify the hidden musical talents of your child? Give them a musical environment. Encourage them to show their moves and sing out loud. You and your child will surely feel the unspoken joy of music all around you.

3 Apr 2017

The best countries in the world to get a higher education

Education is an essential part of anyone’s life. Apart from making people literate, it gives the sense of living life. While talking of higher education and that too in a foreign country, can be an expensive affair for a student. At the same time, cross-country education is a not only a learning opportunity but a chance to understand other cultures as well. To the extent, it brings in a positive change in a student’s life it is the most wonderful experience to study abroad. Also, it is essential to identify a correct course and country to go for completing your education. Selecting a place that is student friendly and that can add up to your professional as well as social values would be the best place for your higher studies. 

Therefore, here are some of the countries where you can get a complete package and everything that you require.

The United States of America

          The USA is a country that does not require much of introduction and homes the top universities of the world in every field possible. College education in this country has a wide range of college where the students have access to courses in arts, science as well as commerce. Even though the education cost is quite high, there are various aids and scholarships available for the deserving candidates. These can be accessed by scoring good grades in the entrance exams for being eligible for studying in the USA. Also, their norms are very strict, and thus one needs to work hard on getting through the exams. Once, a student gets an admission and completes the degree with good grades then there is a bouquet of opportunities as soon as he/she steps out of college. Hence, it is the top most choice for the students who want to go abroad for studies.


            Canada is the second most eligible city for education based on the validity of degree globally and also for being cost-effective as well. It is a fact that Canada provides higher education to the students at many concessional rates as compared to the other countries like U.K., Australia, U.S.A. and New Zealand. The Canadian universities provide a platform to the students for experiencing different cultures at the same place and get access to world-renowned education. While studying the students get an opportunity to do part time jobs that not only gets added to their work experience but also supplements their expenses. Getting a work permit on the basis of being able to afford their tuition fees would easily make them entitled to get a work visa. Thus, a country offering so many benefits is rather preferable to the students.

The United Kingdom

            The UK is a nice place for the students to study as they get a creative edge to their learning process. The courses offered not only allows the students to get a better knowledge of a particular subject but also gives them the freedom of being developing certain skills in addition to the academics. There are some world-renowned universities for learning the English Language is present in the UK. Every international student has the opportunity to follow their passion along with gaining education from the universities. The academic session in the UK is from September to July. The degree and grades earned in the UK would allow the students to get a reputable job in any of the world-class companies situated in or outside the country.


            Getting a chance to learn and hone talent in any of the German universities is a blessing in disguise for the national and international students as well. Apart from providing a wide range of self-facilitated courses the German universities have various tie-up programmes with the most renowned universities around the globe. This ensures that the students who are capable but cannot afford to go abroad for studies have access to foreign education with the help of various scholarships and tie-up programmes. Also, the universities of Germany try to book spaces for the international students in order to give them an equal chance of studying as compared to the national students.


            As per the various reports published by Financial Times, Times Higher and European Reports published by European Commission, the French colleges are ranked in the Shanghai Classification of the Universities. For the same reason, the French education gains a world renowned place in the world. Also, the government of France spends a lot of money on the education sector. As per a report, it is estimated that more than 20% of the total budget of France is spent on education. This makes a really big difference in the quality as well as facilities provided to the national as well as international students. Along with academics, a student has access to wide range of activities including athletics, touristic and cultural. Also, the courses provided are economical and are easily accessible by the international students.


            Swedish universities operate in a different manner from the rest of the universities around the world. They are open, and the emphasis is laid down on group-study. Innovation is the axis of their learning process, and the creativity is the key to achieving it. Students taking initiatives in order to challenge the age-old theories are welcomed and encouraged. The number of international students is as many as 30 thousand, which itself speaks of the success story of Swedish universities. Not only the course learning but these universities home different cultures, and through group studies, they spread from one student to the other and promote tolerance level of students.

Thus, these universities are not only a centre for learning, but also enhancing their socio-cultural values that increase the harmony among different nations and broadens the thinking of people. The universities hone talent along with providing job opportunities to them. The globalisation of education has to lead the students to access the world-class education facilities and generate new ideas that will be useful for the entire world. 

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4 Mar 2017


Math is one of the difficult subjects, one need to do the regular practice of math problems in order to become proficient. The majority of student do not like math, but a good tutor can change this perception. A good math tutor can build confidence in students who have struggled with mathematical concepts. 

There are some basic qualities that a good math tutor needs to have so that he can teach students efficiently; the same are as mentioned below:

1.      Passionate: In order to be able to teach math subject, one needs to be very passionate about the subject and sharing his/her knowledge with the students. Varied studies related to teaching style concluded that students learn more quickly when the tutor is passionate about teaching varied concepts and techniques, as well as sharing practical examples with students.

2.      A better understanding of varied mathematical concepts and rules: For a tutor, it is crucial to have detailed knowledge of every single mathematical concept such as algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, etc. in order to teach the same to students. If a tutor is not able to solve the problem, then how will the student understand? Just solving the mathematical problems and exercises by applying the rules is not enough; a tutor should effectively teach all fundamental concepts behind that rules to students. For example, a linear equation can be directly by applying the rule, but that is not enough to make a student learn the rule. A tutor should teach concept and idea behind that particular rule in order to let student solve problems by themselves. However, it is also important for a tutor to be able to teach effectively. Not every person has the ability to teach and guide students. Ability to teach is defined by person’s ability to share his/her knowledge and information with other the way they can understand what tutor is trying to teach.

3.      Leadership skills: A math tutor needs to have leadership skills so that he/she can lead, guide and motivate students for math practice more and more. Students respect their teacher not only because of his/her knowledge but for overall behavior and attitude. In addition, a tutor needs to have control over students so that he/she can prevent them from misbehaving and thus can maintain discipline in class.

4.      Patience: Not every student is a genius in mathematics; a tutor needs to understand that. Adequate patience is required to teach students concepts and rules of math. This is one of the most important qualities that every teacher and tutor need to have. Being patient is essential not only because each student has a different level of learning capacity and grasping power, but it is most required when dealing with difficult students. A tutor should have enough patience to deal with such students, stick with them and bring them to the straight path.

5.      Effective teaching style: The teaching style of tutor needs to be adaptive i.e. they must be able to adapt their teaching style according to child’s learning capacity and grasping power. The tutor must be able to explain different concepts, rules, and techniques effectively to students. He/she needs to teach in style in which students comprehend and thus able to solve mathematical problems easily. The tutor should start with teaching basic concepts at the first stage and then move gradually to complex problems.

6.      Maturity: Tutor needs to be mature enough to handle students of different age group. Any parent would not trust a teacher who is irresponsible, impolite, don’t pay attention, tease students, laugh and act inappropriately with students. Therefore, it is essential to be mature, responsible towards his/her students’ studies and career. Furthermore, the students should feel comfortable around tutor. So, the ability to put students at ease is also one of the characteristics that a tutor needs to have.

7.      Determined: Being determined is a prerequisite for a good math tutor. Many times, students do not feel like studying or just cannot seem to understand what a tutor intends to teach. A majority of students find it difficult to comprehend math concepts and rules, while some students are a beginner when learning new concepts, so being determined and continuing tutoring despite student’s weakness and shortcomings is a key quality that one should look for in a tutor. However, there are some students who are very difficult to handle, in such case, a tutor needs to be pushy no matter how difficult things get.

8.      Effectively clear doubts of students: Every student has a different level of understanding, so the way of teaching should be different. Some children are more curious to understand the concept behind the rules while some are not. Some students have doubts and questions while some just don’t care. A tutor, therefore, should be able to manage each student and clear doubts of the student. A tutor should be proficient in mathematical concepts so that he/she can teach students effectively and make them understand varied concepts. He/she should also be aware of alternate strategies for teaching in order to help struggling students to understand.

9.      Good communicator: One of the keys to good teaching and learning is open and clear communication between tutor and student. A student should feel comfortable to ask any subject related question and doubts freely, while a tutor should be able to answer their questions and clear doubts effectively. As well, a tutor should be fluent in speaking, have proper pronunciation and eloquence, so that he/she can make students understand what is trying to teach.

10.  Good Hygiene: Many people tend to ignore this feature, but it’s something that should be considered when looking for a tutor. Suppose, a tutor comes in a class with bad breath, how would student stay in that class. Therefore, one should also give due concern to this characteristics when looking for a tutor.

1 Mar 2017

Online tutoring – how to teach international students

Online tutoring is the process of taking lessons by a tutor in a virtual environment. In this process, both the students and tutor are physically far from each other but get connected in a networked environment. This process of teaching is done with the use of various online mean and mode of communication that allows the tutor to teach lessons without any face to face interactions.  Online tutoring is a simple of getting degree and qualification in the virtual environment instead of getting enrolled in any university or college this it is many advantages over the traditional system of learning.
Individuals or students can get lectures and education in many available online environments with the use of special learning management system or virtual learning system. These are the online learning platforms to the students where a student can get himself or herself log in with such platform where a tutoring company will provide a paid tutor, cause material, assignments, projects, and guidance to the willing student. The other way in which student can get online tutor is directly applying for the online tutor’s time and can also opt for the distance learning courses. Online tutoring is different from classroom lecture in certain ways as it is far from physical face to face discussions between tutor and tutor but allows learning in a web environment with constant guidance by the online tutor.


Online tutoring is a smart way to teach and learn by students with several benefits over the traditions way of learning as it has grown a lot in this modern era because of it educational and time-saving benefits. These advantages are- access to resources, the online tutoring makes it very easy for students to access resources which are necessary for learning also make navigate through course very simply. Live platform- the online allows students and tutor to interact with a live platform or virtual environment no matter how far the tutor is from students. Online tutoring also allows the students to learn from their home only as this make online tutoring more comfortable to a student who cannot move out from their houses for learning. Online tutoring also saves money as compare to traditional ways of learning where students have to get him or enrolled in some university or college.

Online tutoring- how to teach international students
The most wonderful thing about online tutoring is that it allows tutor student access to each other with no physical distance barrier. No matter how much distance is between a tutor and learner through online tutoring both can interact in a web environment. For those tutors who love their tutoring job and accept the challenges of work with a passion for doing something different than online tutoring to international students is a well-suited job for them. In many countries, there is a hunger for online tutoring need from which students can get knowledge and qualification
International student always seeks for an online tutor from all around the world, which can give them knowledge which is not best available with them. Online tutoring to international students generate opportunities for them in educational sectors which include, English language tutoring- English is one of the key languages in all international education system and its demand is perennial. The online tutor can assist international students in learning English language and literature. There are many countries where the students can grab speaking English language but find it very difficult to write. In such cases, an online tutor can give them assignments through which student’s grammatical and factual errors can be corrected. In a country like China, students are very eager to learn and write the English language which in return will help students in their trade and commerce.

SAT and GRE tutoring and preparation of test-
Many students aspire for getting enrolled in European and American universities which can only possible when student clear test of SAT and GRE. In courtiers like China, India, Africa, etc student wish to prepare for these test and online tutoring can help them to clear such test.
A skilled and qualified tutor can only teach international students, some of the skills are language skill- an online tutor who has knowledge of languages or themselves multilingual or having experience of taking lessons of international students can teach foreign students more easily. The knowledge of learner’s native language makes online tutoring more simple and effective as this will not allow chances of misunderstanding.   Cultural respect- with the degrees and qualification the cultural sensitivity is also very important. The tutor and student both should respect the culture of each other as to avoid any misunderstanding on the name of culture also the tutor should get himself or herself familiarize with the student’s culture before taking online tutoring. A life-long bond- in a small way online tutor bridges the gap between two nation and people across the globe. Apart from monetary gain, the real reward of a good online tutor is a lifelong friendship with their international students also tutor get a passionate and eager learner who are willing to meet the Challenges of learning.

Avoid political and religion issues
The online tutor should take utmost care regarding not engaging in any political or religion conflict with the students. If there is a discussion on such topic needed then the discussion should be sensible and healthy one.

A little research about the student
Before starting the lessons with the student the online tutor must do some research about the student’s cultural beliefs and ability to learn. This will help tutor to teach international students more effectively.

Patience and using visual example
The online tutor must be patient with the international student as they are from a different educational system and different standards. In order to match the values and belief of students, the tutor needs to be patient.

Be role model for students
The online tutor should set himself or herself as an example to students, a tutor should respect the student’s value, cultural beliefs, and ideology and then the student will also do the same in return. This will encourage them to build a more healthy tutoring relation with students.

20 Feb 2017

Benefits of Yoga

The modern life has been characterized by unbelievable technological advancements and unprecedented mechanization which have made our life easier in many aspects. But, with the increase of amenities of life, the pollution and degradation of the environment leading to the imbalance of eco-system have also been started. The human civilization is facing the unprecedented development of various kinds of diseases, a number of which could not be cured yet and probably could not be in the near future. The pace of the life has been geared up and along with it the physical as well as mental stress. Naturally apart from medical and conventional physical exercise methods, the whole world is in continuous search of a way which will relieve us not only from physical hazards but also from the mental stress. Here lies the importance of Yoga.

Although the history of Yoga started around 3000 B.C., it started to play the prominent role in human life from the Vedic time of Indian history. The oldest known Yogic technique is written in Vedas and this Vedic Yoga has also dealt with the rituals and ceremonies as well as techniques to surpass the limitations of the mind. However, post-classical Yoga has been characterized by one remarkable difference and that is, it no does teach a person to get relief from the reality, rather it teaches a person how to accept the reality and lead a stress-free healthy life.

The empirical evidence has established one important fact that Yoga is probably the best possible way to keep someone fit and healthy, not only physically, but mentally also. In essence, Yoga involves a number of different kinds of processes which, if practiced properly and regularly, brings different kinds of benefit to human beings. There are Asanas which involves various exercises in different and specified postures of our body for improvement of physical health and there are Pranayam which involves various techniques of breathing and lastly Meditation which helps you to control your mind and relieves you from mental stress. Each one has different benefits of practicing. The most important benefit of Yoga is that it will help you to relax your body and mind even under the stressed condition. 

A regular and dedicated practice of Meditation and Pranayam along with Asanas will provide you the following benefits:

a)    It will keep you physically fit by maintaining your body weight at its optimum level.
b)    Your resistance power to fight diseases will be improved dramatically.
c)     Your efficiency will increase as your energy level will be increased considerably.
d)    Your concentration and power of the mind will be increased significantly as Yoga, by the process of meditation, leads to genuine inner contentment and self-actualization.
e)    Your bone structure, your joint movement, your spinal cord, your muscles, your skin and every possible vital organ of your body gets a new life because of Yoga.
f)     It has been found that practice of Yoga significantly reduces the resting heart rate thereby increasing the endurance and improving the uptake of oxygen during exercise. And the practice of Pranayam will help you to do more work with less oxygen consumption.
g)    Practicing Yoga regularly and perfectly will help to increase your blood circulation and will help you to supply more oxygen to your cells which automatically improves their functioning.

The above benefits are only a few that you can get by practicing Yoga. In fact, it has the positive effect on each and every aspect of your life. It will help your nerves to work better, it will help your physical condition to be improved dramatically and it will cure lots of chronic diseases like arthritis, breathing problem. In short, it can create a remarkable and significant impact on your life by improving your mental and physical health. We are human beings and our main strength is our brain power. Research has already established the fact that a proper combination of Asana. Pranayam and Mediation significantly improve the coordination of brain functioning, the reaction time, the decision making capability under the stressful condition and even the Intelligent Quotient.  

17 Feb 2017

Convert Your Hobby into a profession and Make Money

If you go through the resumes of the millions of candidates all over the world you will find one interesting similarity in all of them. Whether doing a job or is aspiring for a job, all of them usually write some separate lines at the end of the resume stating their hobbies and other areas of interest. In many cases, the board members found, that while answering about the hobbies, the candidates feel free to answer and reflect their passionate interest about the same. Another important thing you can find by going through millions of resumes, that in almost all the cases, the candidates are opting for a profession which is way different from the one which they love as their hobbies. In fact, the profession is generally chosen on the basis of the academic background and on the degree of performance made in that area, as well as, on the basis of the experience that has been acquired by the candidate over the years in his/her professional field.

Hobby represents the areas of natural interest, love, and passion of a person and where the imagination and creativity come naturally. The experts in the areas of career counseling suggest that if a person can turn his hobby into his/her profession, it is always better for the career of the person as well as the industry to which his/her hobby belongs. Because in that case, every person will have a natural love for the profession and will also be passionate about it. The natural instinct comes into play much better in the case of a hobby and when turned into a profession, this natural instinct contributes to the creative thinking and new ideas within the industry which ultimately lifts the standard of the industry as well as the product and services it is offering to the society. 

There are many examples in the history that the persons who have converted their hobbies into profession have contributed significantly to the development of their field of profession. 

Take an example of Bill Gates, the man who change the course of history by incorporating Microsoft, the world’s largest software business, along with Paul Allen. He was a brilliant student and excelled in almost all the subjects in his school career. His parents wanted to make him a lawyer, but Gates followed his passion and started his career as an entrepreneur in the software development market, which ultimately changed the history of the software technology of the whole of the world. 

Steve Jobs, who is said to be one of the most intelligent geniuses in the history of mankind and who has gifted the world with i-Phone, was someone who struggled in school and could never be established himself as one of the brilliant grade point earners. The person followed his natural love and instinct which ultimately lifted the communication as well as the computer technology to a new height. You can have lots of such examples, who have contributed to the shaping of the modern human society and the scientifically advanced world just by changing their passion into a profession. Most of them had the capabilities of being successful in other professional fields also, but they chose their hobbies and their natural love as their profession and, even after facing a struggling start, they stick to those professions and has made possible this advanced human civilization.
Every profession requires some creative thinkers, who contribute to the advancement of the profession by inventing new technology or by providing new ideas and thoughts for the augmentation of the quality of products and services. The stalwarts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs have done just the same thing and has developed the information and communication technology to new heights. The creative thinking is not possible unless you will follow the path in which your natural interest lies and where your passion finds its place. Your hobby is the unedited form of your passion and your natural ability and, if you can turn it into your profession, you could really be someone who can turn the trend of the industry to which your hobby relates.

To conclude I would like to cite the statements of a genius who has changed the world with his passion and has changed the lives of millions of people by his creative thinking and inventions. As told by Steve Jobs in 2005, in Stanford, in his book “How to Live Before You Die”, -- You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it. And like any great relationship, it just gets better as the years rolls on. So keep looking. Don’t settle.

If you match these words with your passion towards your hobby; you will find how important it is to turn your hobby and your passion into your profession, whatever may be the obstacles you have to face at the initial stage.

If you are well expert in any subject then you can make a career in teaching field. You can join tutoring resources where tutors get quality teaching jobs. There are various teaching resources in the online world, such as select my tutor.

14 Feb 2017

Finest Arts tutoring & Learning opportunities in London

London is one of the most significant of the major cosmopolitan cities of the world.  It is a city where culture from various parts of the world comes to join hands with taste and tradition to give birth to different forms of the finest arts which eventually gets practised and appreciated among the various Diasporas living in the city. Fine arts has for centuries been a passion for its creators and also a passion for its collectors.  The creation of fine arts represents the might of an artist and also the intellectual capacity of the artist in expressing their understanding of the world and situations from their third eye.  

A collection of the collector’s gallery represents taste, shows intellectual ability to understand art forms and also portrays wealth along with status symbol for the individual and the family.  London has witnessed remarkable progress during industrialisation and while it was setting up colonies across the globe over the past few centuries.  Progress got wealth for the nation and a rich nation called for the need of paintings, sculptures and marvellous architectures across the country to portray the progress.  As we may agree that art in itself is a very controversial term. 

A different school has its own thoughts and opinion about arts. But we can say that the finest art forms have originated to please our senses or our aesthetics mainly. If we refer history, then we can get accounts of five main forms of fine arts, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. So, now we can say that by fine arts, it's especially meant the visual art which can easily be acknowledged by all for its artistic, creative and rational or scholarly outlook.

In London art tutoring and learning opportunities are immense. People from different part of the world came here to study art over a period of time. Hence, there are both distance learning centres and colleges where students can go to study the art of their preference.

Distance learning centres in London:-

  • London Art College (www.londonartcollege.co.uk)
  • Distance Learning Master of Arts Fine Arts in London UK (www.masterstudies.com) 
  • The Open College of the Arts (www.oca.ac.uk)
  • MA fine Art - OCA distance learning course (www.oca.ac.uk/creative-arts-degrees/postgraduate/ma-fine-art.html)
  • Art and Design Course (idesigni.co.uk/courses)
  • University of the Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk)
  • Best Distance learning Bachelors of Arts (B.A) Programs (www.bachelorstudies.com)
Other Colleges in London:-

  • Slade School of Fine Art –University College London (www.ucl.ac.uk/slade) – World famous Art school which studies contemporary art. They have a dynamic research culture with extremely talented teachers who are practising artists with proven exhibition profiles. The Slade offers Two undergraduate programmes, the B.A and B.F.A and Two master programmes, the M.A and M.F.A.They even have M.Phil/PHD Programmes.
  • MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, the University of London (www.gold.ac.uk)
  • Fine Art - University of Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk) – They provide students with B.A and M.A programmes.
  • Royal College of Art (www.rca.ac.uk) – It is one of the leading colleges in London where one can study Fine Arts thoroughly.
  • Fine Art and Photography Courses in London – Kensington (www.kcc.ac.uk) – They provide part-time and full-time courses. There discipline covers from painting, drawing, modelling, casting and printmaking and so on and so forth.
  • Fine Arts – Middlesex University London (www.mdx.ac.uk/courses) – At Middlesex, one can surely be overwhelmed by the choice of varied courses and its avenues. From the traditional forms to the most contemporary arts it includes every aspect. They have a spacious workshop and experienced and practising artists as faculties.
  • Fine Arts College (www.hampsteadfinearts.com) – They offers GSCE, A –Level Courses and Portfolio Courses.
  • Royal Academy of Arts (www.royalacademy.org.uk)
  • University of Kent, UK (www.kent.ac.uk)
  • Central Saint Martins, London (www.csm.arts.ac.uk) – One of the important names among the fine arts colleges in London. They offer full-time courses at foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as summer courses.

While there are so many reputed colleges in London there are also freelance tutors who are offering the tutoring service charged on an hourly basis.  The tutors are providing both online or classroom coaching to the aspirants of finest art learners.  The learners of finest art may not always be aspiring to go through regular courses of various levels.  They can also be in a different trades and the interest in finest art be just to satiate their inner sense of creativity.  This may not allow these set of learners to go through the course of art colleges.  Hence the freelance tutors are hence instrumental in providing the guidance to the appreciators and learner of the finest art in the mega cosmopolitan of London.