20 Feb 2017

Benefits of Yoga

The modern life has been characterized by unbelievable technological advancements and unprecedented mechanization which have made our life easier in many aspects. But, with the increase of amenities of life, the pollution and degradation of the environment leading to the imbalance of eco-system have also been started. The human civilization is facing the unprecedented development of various kinds of diseases, a number of which could not be cured yet and probably could not be in the near future. The pace of the life has been geared up and along with it the physical as well as mental stress. Naturally apart from medical and conventional physical exercise methods, the whole world is in continuous search of a way which will relieve us not only from physical hazards but also from the mental stress. Here lies the importance of Yoga.

Although the history of Yoga started around 3000 B.C., it started to play the prominent role in human life from the Vedic time of Indian history. The oldest known Yogic technique is written in Vedas and this Vedic Yoga has also dealt with the rituals and ceremonies as well as techniques to surpass the limitations of the mind. However, post-classical Yoga has been characterized by one remarkable difference and that is, it no does teach a person to get relief from the reality, rather it teaches a person how to accept the reality and lead a stress-free healthy life.

The empirical evidence has established one important fact that Yoga is probably the best possible way to keep someone fit and healthy, not only physically, but mentally also. In essence, Yoga involves a number of different kinds of processes which, if practiced properly and regularly, brings different kinds of benefit to human beings. There are Asanas which involves various exercises in different and specified postures of our body for improvement of physical health and there are Pranayam which involves various techniques of breathing and lastly Meditation which helps you to control your mind and relieves you from mental stress. Each one has different benefits of practicing. The most important benefit of Yoga is that it will help you to relax your body and mind even under the stressed condition. 

A regular and dedicated practice of Meditation and Pranayam along with Asanas will provide you the following benefits:

a)    It will keep you physically fit by maintaining your body weight at its optimum level.
b)    Your resistance power to fight diseases will be improved dramatically.
c)     Your efficiency will increase as your energy level will be increased considerably.
d)    Your concentration and power of the mind will be increased significantly as Yoga, by the process of meditation, leads to genuine inner contentment and self-actualization.
e)    Your bone structure, your joint movement, your spinal cord, your muscles, your skin and every possible vital organ of your body gets a new life because of Yoga.
f)     It has been found that practice of Yoga significantly reduces the resting heart rate thereby increasing the endurance and improving the uptake of oxygen during exercise. And the practice of Pranayam will help you to do more work with less oxygen consumption.
g)    Practicing Yoga regularly and perfectly will help to increase your blood circulation and will help you to supply more oxygen to your cells which automatically improves their functioning.

The above benefits are only a few that you can get by practicing Yoga. In fact, it has the positive effect on each and every aspect of your life. It will help your nerves to work better, it will help your physical condition to be improved dramatically and it will cure lots of chronic diseases like arthritis, breathing problem. In short, it can create a remarkable and significant impact on your life by improving your mental and physical health. We are human beings and our main strength is our brain power. Research has already established the fact that a proper combination of Asana. Pranayam and Mediation significantly improve the coordination of brain functioning, the reaction time, the decision making capability under the stressful condition and even the Intelligent Quotient.  

17 Feb 2017

Convert Your Hobby into a profession and Make Money

If you go through the resumes of the millions of candidates all over the world you will find one interesting similarity in all of them. Whether doing a job or is aspiring for a job, all of them usually write some separate lines at the end of the resume stating their hobbies and other areas of interest. In many cases, the board members found, that while answering about the hobbies, the candidates feel free to answer and reflect their passionate interest about the same. Another important thing you can find by going through millions of resumes, that in almost all the cases, the candidates are opting for a profession which is way different from the one which they love as their hobbies. In fact, the profession is generally chosen on the basis of the academic background and on the degree of performance made in that area, as well as, on the basis of the experience that has been acquired by the candidate over the years in his/her professional field.

Hobby represents the areas of natural interest, love, and passion of a person and where the imagination and creativity come naturally. The experts in the areas of career counseling suggest that if a person can turn his hobby into his/her profession, it is always better for the career of the person as well as the industry to which his/her hobby belongs. Because in that case, every person will have a natural love for the profession and will also be passionate about it. The natural instinct comes into play much better in the case of a hobby and when turned into a profession, this natural instinct contributes to the creative thinking and new ideas within the industry which ultimately lifts the standard of the industry as well as the product and services it is offering to the society. 

There are many examples in the history that the persons who have converted their hobbies into profession have contributed significantly to the development of their field of profession. 

Take an example of Bill Gates, the man who change the course of history by incorporating Microsoft, the world’s largest software business, along with Paul Allen. He was a brilliant student and excelled in almost all the subjects in his school career. His parents wanted to make him a lawyer, but Gates followed his passion and started his career as an entrepreneur in the software development market, which ultimately changed the history of the software technology of the whole of the world. 

Steve Jobs, who is said to be one of the most intelligent geniuses in the history of mankind and who has gifted the world with i-Phone, was someone who struggled in school and could never be established himself as one of the brilliant grade point earners. The person followed his natural love and instinct which ultimately lifted the communication as well as the computer technology to a new height. You can have lots of such examples, who have contributed to the shaping of the modern human society and the scientifically advanced world just by changing their passion into a profession. Most of them had the capabilities of being successful in other professional fields also, but they chose their hobbies and their natural love as their profession and, even after facing a struggling start, they stick to those professions and has made possible this advanced human civilization.
Every profession requires some creative thinkers, who contribute to the advancement of the profession by inventing new technology or by providing new ideas and thoughts for the augmentation of the quality of products and services. The stalwarts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs have done just the same thing and has developed the information and communication technology to new heights. The creative thinking is not possible unless you will follow the path in which your natural interest lies and where your passion finds its place. Your hobby is the unedited form of your passion and your natural ability and, if you can turn it into your profession, you could really be someone who can turn the trend of the industry to which your hobby relates.

To conclude I would like to cite the statements of a genius who has changed the world with his passion and has changed the lives of millions of people by his creative thinking and inventions. As told by Steve Jobs in 2005, in Stanford, in his book “How to Live Before You Die”, -- You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it. And like any great relationship, it just gets better as the years rolls on. So keep looking. Don’t settle.

If you match these words with your passion towards your hobby; you will find how important it is to turn your hobby and your passion into your profession, whatever may be the obstacles you have to face at the initial stage.

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14 Feb 2017

Finest Arts tutoring & Learning opportunities in London

London is one of the most significant of the major cosmopolitan cities of the world.  It is a city where culture from various parts of the world comes to join hands with taste and tradition to give birth to different forms of the finest arts which eventually gets practised and appreciated among the various Diasporas living in the city. Fine arts has for centuries been a passion for its creators and also a passion for its collectors.  The creation of fine arts represents the might of an artist and also the intellectual capacity of the artist in expressing their understanding of the world and situations from their third eye.  

A collection of the collector’s gallery represents taste, shows intellectual ability to understand art forms and also portrays wealth along with status symbol for the individual and the family.  London has witnessed remarkable progress during industrialisation and while it was setting up colonies across the globe over the past few centuries.  Progress got wealth for the nation and a rich nation called for the need of paintings, sculptures and marvellous architectures across the country to portray the progress.  As we may agree that art in itself is a very controversial term. 

A different school has its own thoughts and opinion about arts. But we can say that the finest art forms have originated to please our senses or our aesthetics mainly. If we refer history, then we can get accounts of five main forms of fine arts, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. So, now we can say that by fine arts, it's especially meant the visual art which can easily be acknowledged by all for its artistic, creative and rational or scholarly outlook.

In London art tutoring and learning opportunities are immense. People from different part of the world came here to study art over a period of time. Hence, there are both distance learning centres and colleges where students can go to study the art of their preference.

Distance learning centres in London:-

  • London Art College (www.londonartcollege.co.uk)
  • Distance Learning Master of Arts Fine Arts in London UK (www.masterstudies.com) 
  • The Open College of the Arts (www.oca.ac.uk)
  • MA fine Art - OCA distance learning course (www.oca.ac.uk/creative-arts-degrees/postgraduate/ma-fine-art.html)
  • Art and Design Course (idesigni.co.uk/courses)
  • University of the Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk)
  • Best Distance learning Bachelors of Arts (B.A) Programs (www.bachelorstudies.com)
Other Colleges in London:-

  • Slade School of Fine Art –University College London (www.ucl.ac.uk/slade) – World famous Art school which studies contemporary art. They have a dynamic research culture with extremely talented teachers who are practising artists with proven exhibition profiles. The Slade offers Two undergraduate programmes, the B.A and B.F.A and Two master programmes, the M.A and M.F.A.They even have M.Phil/PHD Programmes.
  • MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, the University of London (www.gold.ac.uk)
  • Fine Art - University of Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk) – They provide students with B.A and M.A programmes.
  • Royal College of Art (www.rca.ac.uk) – It is one of the leading colleges in London where one can study Fine Arts thoroughly.
  • Fine Art and Photography Courses in London – Kensington (www.kcc.ac.uk) – They provide part-time and full-time courses. There discipline covers from painting, drawing, modelling, casting and printmaking and so on and so forth.
  • Fine Arts – Middlesex University London (www.mdx.ac.uk/courses) – At Middlesex, one can surely be overwhelmed by the choice of varied courses and its avenues. From the traditional forms to the most contemporary arts it includes every aspect. They have a spacious workshop and experienced and practising artists as faculties.
  • Fine Arts College (www.hampsteadfinearts.com) – They offers GSCE, A –Level Courses and Portfolio Courses.
  • Royal Academy of Arts (www.royalacademy.org.uk)
  • University of Kent, UK (www.kent.ac.uk)
  • Central Saint Martins, London (www.csm.arts.ac.uk) – One of the important names among the fine arts colleges in London. They offer full-time courses at foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as summer courses.

While there are so many reputed colleges in London there are also freelance tutors who are offering the tutoring service charged on an hourly basis.  The tutors are providing both online or classroom coaching to the aspirants of finest art learners.  The learners of finest art may not always be aspiring to go through regular courses of various levels.  They can also be in a different trades and the interest in finest art be just to satiate their inner sense of creativity.  This may not allow these set of learners to go through the course of art colleges.  Hence the freelance tutors are hence instrumental in providing the guidance to the appreciators and learner of the finest art in the mega cosmopolitan of London.

3 Feb 2017

Improve Your Grades by Hiring a Tutor

Grade points are the only quantitative measures of the standard of education of a student. Grade Point Average is regarded as one of the most vital criteria for a student while he/she is trying to enter a reputed university or at the time of facing the interview board before stepping in the professional world. Grade Point Average is regarded as the eligibility criteria in case of applying for most of the universities opted by the students for higher education. In the face of steep competition and a large number of aspirants applying for few openings in the professional sector, a lot of companies also look at the grade point average as the basic eligibility criteria before choosing the candidates for group discussion and personal interviews. Although it is true that, the grade points should not be the single most important eligibility criteria for any kind of such selection procedures, but owing to the large number of applicants for various universities as well as for various jobs, grade point average scored by a student in his/her academic career is the best available yardstick against which the initial selection could be made.

Naturally, students in all over the world, at each and every level of their academic career, strive to maintain good grade points so as to make them eligible for best possible opportunities, opened before them, by the top-ranked universities or globally recognized reputed companies. The parents of the students of the lower class are also trying to find the ways to secure a good grade for their child. With the development of the world economy, the educational system has also developed at a rapid pace, and in every country of the world, the number of institutions, both public and private, imparting standard education to the students has been increased significantly. But at the same time, the number of students aspiring for bright future and consequently for better education opportunities have also increased more rapidly, creating a gap between the existing educational facilities and the number of students who require it. Even after trying hard, this gap seems to be continuously increasing and the education system has failed to cater to the specific needs of each student. In this situation, the parents who are anxious to secure the best possible education for their child are resorting to the private tutors for improving the academic standard of their child and thereby their much-needed grade points.

Even in the most reputed schools, colleges and universities in all over the world, a vast pool of students enroll for getting the best possible educational environments. But in the conventional classroom teaching in the schools and colleges, the students find themselves gathering in large number only to receive lectures from one teacher and that is also for a limited period of time. Naturally, for the teachers and therefore for the institutions, it has become simply impossible to give attention to the problem of individual students and is bound to give a generalized concept and academic notes to all the students of a class. Because of this reason, most of the students fail to develop the subject concept properly and start lagging in their academic career unless they are provided with some additional assistance to cope up with their individual academic problem. Here comes the role of the private tutors.

Hiring private tutors to cater to the specific needs of the students is the best possible way to improve the academic performance by providing additional explanation and preparation to the students and by boosting their morale confidence to perform well in the exams. The students and their parents all over the world are unanimous about the role played by private tutors in improving the academic grade point average. This confidence is reflected in the steeply growing demand of the private tutoring in all over the world, especially in the economically advanced countries like USA, UK and in the Asia-Pacific regions. Why the private tutors could be proved to be the game changer in your academic career and how they can contribute significantly to your effort of getting honorable grade points?

How the private tutors will help you to improve your performance depends upon the specific problems that you are facing in tackling the academic syllabus. If you are not able to have a good grip on the concept of any specific subject, because of lack of individual attention in your class, the private tutors, by one to one tutoring, can explain the specific points of the subject to help you to build the concept properly in that subject. If you are lagging behind the class schedules, the private tutor, by providing you the additional classes, will help you to bridge the gap in between the pace of the school and your progress. Very often it happens that the students become anxious about the exams and this exam phobia sometimes play a catastrophic role in examinations. The private tutors, with their experience of the style of questions and the style of answers to specific questions, can give the students a really brilliant exam preparation to boost the confidence of the students, so that they can achieve their desired result in the examinations. The private tutors usually play the role of a mentor rather than a subject tutor. A good private tutor can do a lot to improve the confidence of the students which helps them a lot to achieve better grade points and to represent their knowledge properly at the time of examinations. Sometimes, a student just needs a study-buddy who helps him/her to concentrate on study. Here also a private tutor, who is young and is still continuing the academic career with good subject knowledge, can help the student a lot to improve his/her concentration to study properly by creating a friendly and academically conducive environment. The organisation of the entire course works for a particular subject throughout the year, and the organisation of the homework and accomplishing it within time properly and perfectly requires a good organisation skill and an efficient and experienced private tutor can help a lot, in organising the entire study time of the student as well as the progress of entire syllabus, in such a way that the students can accomplish all his homework as well as the entire syllabus well before the examination. 

However, in the bid of improving your grade points, if you think that such improvement could only be brought about by hiring a suitable, efficient and experienced private tutor, it is a grave mistake on the part of you as well as the parents of the students. At the end, it is you, who is mainly responsible for improving the grade points and to improve the concept of the subject. The private tutors can only act as guiding light for you to show you the path of getting good grade points. They can explain the typical concept of the specific subjects that you are struggling with, they can tell you where you are committing mistakes in writing the answers, they can boost your confidence by demonstrating before you that you are enough capable of achieving the highest possible grade points, but at the end, it is you who has to follow their directions and has to study the subjects and practise the problems with utmost perseverance to achieve your target grade point average in your academic career.