20 Feb 2017

Benefits of Yoga

The modern life has been characterized by unbelievable technological advancements and unprecedented mechanization which have made our life easier in many aspects. But, with the increase of amenities of life, the pollution and degradation of the environment leading to the imbalance of eco-system have also been started. The human civilization is facing the unprecedented development of various kinds of diseases, a number of which could not be cured yet and probably could not be in the near future. The pace of the life has been geared up and along with it the physical as well as mental stress. Naturally apart from medical and conventional physical exercise methods, the whole world is in continuous search of a way which will relieve us not only from physical hazards but also from the mental stress. Here lies the importance of Yoga.

Although the history of Yoga started around 3000 B.C., it started to play the prominent role in human life from the Vedic time of Indian history. The oldest known Yogic technique is written in Vedas and this Vedic Yoga has also dealt with the rituals and ceremonies as well as techniques to surpass the limitations of the mind. However, post-classical Yoga has been characterized by one remarkable difference and that is, it no does teach a person to get relief from the reality, rather it teaches a person how to accept the reality and lead a stress-free healthy life.

The empirical evidence has established one important fact that Yoga is probably the best possible way to keep someone fit and healthy, not only physically, but mentally also. In essence, Yoga involves a number of different kinds of processes which, if practiced properly and regularly, brings different kinds of benefit to human beings. There are Asanas which involves various exercises in different and specified postures of our body for improvement of physical health and there are Pranayam which involves various techniques of breathing and lastly Meditation which helps you to control your mind and relieves you from mental stress. Each one has different benefits of practicing. The most important benefit of Yoga is that it will help you to relax your body and mind even under the stressed condition. 

A regular and dedicated practice of Meditation and Pranayam along with Asanas will provide you the following benefits:

a)    It will keep you physically fit by maintaining your body weight at its optimum level.
b)    Your resistance power to fight diseases will be improved dramatically.
c)     Your efficiency will increase as your energy level will be increased considerably.
d)    Your concentration and power of the mind will be increased significantly as Yoga, by the process of meditation, leads to genuine inner contentment and self-actualization.
e)    Your bone structure, your joint movement, your spinal cord, your muscles, your skin and every possible vital organ of your body gets a new life because of Yoga.
f)     It has been found that practice of Yoga significantly reduces the resting heart rate thereby increasing the endurance and improving the uptake of oxygen during exercise. And the practice of Pranayam will help you to do more work with less oxygen consumption.
g)    Practicing Yoga regularly and perfectly will help to increase your blood circulation and will help you to supply more oxygen to your cells which automatically improves their functioning.

The above benefits are only a few that you can get by practicing Yoga. In fact, it has the positive effect on each and every aspect of your life. It will help your nerves to work better, it will help your physical condition to be improved dramatically and it will cure lots of chronic diseases like arthritis, breathing problem. In short, it can create a remarkable and significant impact on your life by improving your mental and physical health. We are human beings and our main strength is our brain power. Research has already established the fact that a proper combination of Asana. Pranayam and Mediation significantly improve the coordination of brain functioning, the reaction time, the decision making capability under the stressful condition and even the Intelligent Quotient.