14 Feb 2017

Finest Arts tutoring & Learning opportunities in London

London is one of the most significant of the major cosmopolitan cities of the world.  It is a city where culture from various parts of the world comes to join hands with taste and tradition to give birth to different forms of the finest arts which eventually gets practised and appreciated among the various Diasporas living in the city. Fine arts has for centuries been a passion for its creators and also a passion for its collectors.  The creation of fine arts represents the might of an artist and also the intellectual capacity of the artist in expressing their understanding of the world and situations from their third eye.  

A collection of the collector’s gallery represents taste, shows intellectual ability to understand art forms and also portrays wealth along with status symbol for the individual and the family.  London has witnessed remarkable progress during industrialisation and while it was setting up colonies across the globe over the past few centuries.  Progress got wealth for the nation and a rich nation called for the need of paintings, sculptures and marvellous architectures across the country to portray the progress.  As we may agree that art in itself is a very controversial term. 

A different school has its own thoughts and opinion about arts. But we can say that the finest art forms have originated to please our senses or our aesthetics mainly. If we refer history, then we can get accounts of five main forms of fine arts, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry. So, now we can say that by fine arts, it's especially meant the visual art which can easily be acknowledged by all for its artistic, creative and rational or scholarly outlook.

In London art tutoring and learning opportunities are immense. People from different part of the world came here to study art over a period of time. Hence, there are both distance learning centres and colleges where students can go to study the art of their preference.

Distance learning centres in London:-

  • London Art College (www.londonartcollege.co.uk)
  • Distance Learning Master of Arts Fine Arts in London UK (www.masterstudies.com) 
  • The Open College of the Arts (www.oca.ac.uk)
  • MA fine Art - OCA distance learning course (www.oca.ac.uk/creative-arts-degrees/postgraduate/ma-fine-art.html)
  • Art and Design Course (idesigni.co.uk/courses)
  • University of the Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk)
  • Best Distance learning Bachelors of Arts (B.A) Programs (www.bachelorstudies.com)
Other Colleges in London:-

  • Slade School of Fine Art –University College London (www.ucl.ac.uk/slade) – World famous Art school which studies contemporary art. They have a dynamic research culture with extremely talented teachers who are practising artists with proven exhibition profiles. The Slade offers Two undergraduate programmes, the B.A and B.F.A and Two master programmes, the M.A and M.F.A.They even have M.Phil/PHD Programmes.
  • MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, the University of London (www.gold.ac.uk)
  • Fine Art - University of Arts London (www.arts.ac.uk) – They provide students with B.A and M.A programmes.
  • Royal College of Art (www.rca.ac.uk) – It is one of the leading colleges in London where one can study Fine Arts thoroughly.
  • Fine Art and Photography Courses in London – Kensington (www.kcc.ac.uk) – They provide part-time and full-time courses. There discipline covers from painting, drawing, modelling, casting and printmaking and so on and so forth.
  • Fine Arts – Middlesex University London (www.mdx.ac.uk/courses) – At Middlesex, one can surely be overwhelmed by the choice of varied courses and its avenues. From the traditional forms to the most contemporary arts it includes every aspect. They have a spacious workshop and experienced and practising artists as faculties.
  • Fine Arts College (www.hampsteadfinearts.com) – They offers GSCE, A –Level Courses and Portfolio Courses.
  • Royal Academy of Arts (www.royalacademy.org.uk)
  • University of Kent, UK (www.kent.ac.uk)
  • Central Saint Martins, London (www.csm.arts.ac.uk) – One of the important names among the fine arts colleges in London. They offer full-time courses at foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as summer courses.

While there are so many reputed colleges in London there are also freelance tutors who are offering the tutoring service charged on an hourly basis.  The tutors are providing both online or classroom coaching to the aspirants of finest art learners.  The learners of finest art may not always be aspiring to go through regular courses of various levels.  They can also be in a different trades and the interest in finest art be just to satiate their inner sense of creativity.  This may not allow these set of learners to go through the course of art colleges.  Hence the freelance tutors are hence instrumental in providing the guidance to the appreciators and learner of the finest art in the mega cosmopolitan of London.