3 Apr 2017

The best countries in the world to get a higher education

Education is an essential part of anyone’s life. Apart from making people literate, it gives the sense of living life. While talking of higher education and that too in a foreign country, can be an expensive affair for a student. At the same time, cross-country education is a not only a learning opportunity but a chance to understand other cultures as well. To the extent, it brings in a positive change in a student’s life it is the most wonderful experience to study abroad. Also, it is essential to identify a correct course and country to go for completing your education. Selecting a place that is student friendly and that can add up to your professional as well as social values would be the best place for your higher studies. 

Therefore, here are some of the countries where you can get a complete package and everything that you require.

The United States of America

          The USA is a country that does not require much of introduction and homes the top universities of the world in every field possible. College education in this country has a wide range of college where the students have access to courses in arts, science as well as commerce. Even though the education cost is quite high, there are various aids and scholarships available for the deserving candidates. These can be accessed by scoring good grades in the entrance exams for being eligible for studying in the USA. Also, their norms are very strict, and thus one needs to work hard on getting through the exams. Once, a student gets an admission and completes the degree with good grades then there is a bouquet of opportunities as soon as he/she steps out of college. Hence, it is the top most choice for the students who want to go abroad for studies.


            Canada is the second most eligible city for education based on the validity of degree globally and also for being cost-effective as well. It is a fact that Canada provides higher education to the students at many concessional rates as compared to the other countries like U.K., Australia, U.S.A. and New Zealand. The Canadian universities provide a platform to the students for experiencing different cultures at the same place and get access to world-renowned education. While studying the students get an opportunity to do part time jobs that not only gets added to their work experience but also supplements their expenses. Getting a work permit on the basis of being able to afford their tuition fees would easily make them entitled to get a work visa. Thus, a country offering so many benefits is rather preferable to the students.

The United Kingdom

            The UK is a nice place for the students to study as they get a creative edge to their learning process. The courses offered not only allows the students to get a better knowledge of a particular subject but also gives them the freedom of being developing certain skills in addition to the academics. There are some world-renowned universities for learning the English Language is present in the UK. Every international student has the opportunity to follow their passion along with gaining education from the universities. The academic session in the UK is from September to July. The degree and grades earned in the UK would allow the students to get a reputable job in any of the world-class companies situated in or outside the country.


            Getting a chance to learn and hone talent in any of the German universities is a blessing in disguise for the national and international students as well. Apart from providing a wide range of self-facilitated courses the German universities have various tie-up programmes with the most renowned universities around the globe. This ensures that the students who are capable but cannot afford to go abroad for studies have access to foreign education with the help of various scholarships and tie-up programmes. Also, the universities of Germany try to book spaces for the international students in order to give them an equal chance of studying as compared to the national students.


            As per the various reports published by Financial Times, Times Higher and European Reports published by European Commission, the French colleges are ranked in the Shanghai Classification of the Universities. For the same reason, the French education gains a world renowned place in the world. Also, the government of France spends a lot of money on the education sector. As per a report, it is estimated that more than 20% of the total budget of France is spent on education. This makes a really big difference in the quality as well as facilities provided to the national as well as international students. Along with academics, a student has access to wide range of activities including athletics, touristic and cultural. Also, the courses provided are economical and are easily accessible by the international students.


            Swedish universities operate in a different manner from the rest of the universities around the world. They are open, and the emphasis is laid down on group-study. Innovation is the axis of their learning process, and the creativity is the key to achieving it. Students taking initiatives in order to challenge the age-old theories are welcomed and encouraged. The number of international students is as many as 30 thousand, which itself speaks of the success story of Swedish universities. Not only the course learning but these universities home different cultures, and through group studies, they spread from one student to the other and promote tolerance level of students.

Thus, these universities are not only a centre for learning, but also enhancing their socio-cultural values that increase the harmony among different nations and broadens the thinking of people. The universities hone talent along with providing job opportunities to them. The globalisation of education has to lead the students to access the world-class education facilities and generate new ideas that will be useful for the entire world. 

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