26 Jun 2017

11 Simple Habits to Boost Your Memory and Brain Power

Are you suffering from memory issue?
Remember, you are nothing without your brain. So, don’t let the issue go on. Now is the time to boost up your memory and brain by considering our useful and innovative suggestions. 

Follow our suggestions that are mentioned below:

Improve your eating habits
Improving eating habits is the most important action that you must take to strengthen your brain. You must know that to work properly, our brain needs glucose, which you can provide by eating green vegetables, different types of fruits and grains. Remember, regular and timely eating habit is very important. So, you need to maintain the eating time also and at the same time, you have to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily. 

Sleep properly
Sleeping is another most important practice that you have to follow. Regular and timely sleep is essential for proper function of our brain as well as our whole-body system. The standard time of sleeping for an adult person is daily 7 to 8 hours. When you sleep, your brain gets to rest. So, if you do not let the brain rest, then it won’t work properly and you will suffer from the diseases like memory loss, depression, weakness and many other diseases.

Organize yourself
Every doctor suggests us to follow a daily routine to remain healthy and strong. To follow the daily routine, you have to be organised properly. Prepare a strict routine for your daily activities and follow that properly. If you do this, then your brain will be habituated with the activities and your brain will feel less pressure.

Do some extra-curricular activities
Practising some extra-curricular activities is also good for our brain and memory. The activities like, singing, playing musical instruments, playing outdoor or indoor games, dancing, swimming even cooking is very good to keep our brain refresh. These activities make ourselves happy and when we are happy, our brain functions properly.

Regular exercise
Regular exercise is also a good practice that keeps our brain and memory active. You may have noticed before that when after doing exercise, your feel refresh. Regular exercise makes our body-parts more active and helps in smooth blood flow within our body, which makes the brain more active.

Practice meditation
Meditation is another important and quite effective for boosting our memory. By practising meditation, you can grow a self-controlling power within yourself. You will be more determined if you practice meditation properly. Moreover, meditation makes our brain calm and quiet, which enhances the power of concentration.

Try brain games
Playing brain games like, puzzles or quiz or chess is the effective way to improve the capacity of our brain. We have to use our brain more to play these games, which improves our concentration level and makes our brain active.

Balance the stress
Balancing the stress level is mandatory for better functioning of our brain. Presently, the stress level of human beings has increased much and in this scenario, it is our duty to get some peace in any way. Balancing the mental stress helps to get that peace of mind. You can balance your stress by organising your daily activities properly.

Avoid mistakes
You must avoid repeating your mistakes again and again. Remember, we can handle our mistake one or two times, but repeating the mistakes make our lives critical, which ultimately increases the stress level. Hence, you must avoid your mistakes.

Prioritise the tasks
Prioritising the tasks makes our daily life easier. If you prioritise your daily activities, then you have the idea, what you have to do first and how you will complete each task. It makes the life simpler and does not create complexities, which hampers our brain’s activities. 

Motivate yourself
You must keep yourself motivated to reduce the stress level of your brain. If you are motivated, then you become happier and when you are happier, your brain is stress-free. To motivate yourself, you can do the activities that you like. Avoid the complexities in your life and try to find the best part in yourself to motivate yourself.