24 Jun 2017

Improve your Spanish by watching TV

According to Frank Smith “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”So it’s better that you acquire knowledge in more than one language. Are you thinking which language you should learn apart from English? We would suggest that start learning Spanish. 

Spanish, the sweet language of romance, can now be easily learnt by watching only TV shows. The question can arise in your mind that why will you learn Spanish? The answer is simple, among all languages Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken global language with around 400 million speakers. And to add to this, becoming a Spanish speaker will help you to flaunt your language skills in your CV. 

Are you facing the problem of interpreting conversations in Spanish? There can be situations where you may be able to read and write Spanish without an issue, but you might face a problem with conversing in Spanish. 

Are you facing an issue of attending Spanish class or having difficulty in finding suitable Spanish teacher? Do not worry, and now you can learn Spanish from your bedroom. You can sit back and relax and learn Spanish while watching TV. The simple option in such cases for improvement of Spanish is to watch Spanish TV shows. 

You can watch extra en Espanol where 13 episodes will help you to learn Spanish without any hindrance. This show has been designed for beginners who are not able to interpret any information spoken in Spanish. The speakers in the show are very slow and this will help you to develop your grasp of the language. 

But will mere watching of the TV show help you to develop the Spanish speaking skill? The answer is NO. 

You will need to follow these simple steps, only then you will be able to improve the Spanish language skills.

Make the right choice: As rightly said “Life is defined by the choices you make”, hence it is necessary that you chose the right shows in order to make your learning process easier. Are you an age-old Spanish speaker? If not, then how will choose a romantic Spanish series to help you in understanding a language? Always remember that for a beginner, the easiest shows are the ones with the easy language and simple versions. You can thus effectively choose the cartoons or the programs fixed for the young learners. These shows use easy sentences and easy conversations are carried on which will help you to easily interpret and develop your Spanish language skills. 

Ignore subtitles: It is very common practice to check out the subtitles when you don’t understand what is being said. But this practice will not help you to learn the language. How will you rely on subtitles while you are speaking with a person? So the first things that you need to do are cut out on the subtitle part and try to understand what is being said in the show.

Use writing technique: When you are watching a show, there can be situations when you will not be able to understand some parts of the show. What you need to do in this case is to smartly note down the phrases or the words that you are facing problem in understanding. In some shows, you will see a trend of repeated conversations. Now when you are free or relaxing just pick out the phrases you have noted and try to find their meaning from the internet. 

Take help from TV online: In a case of TV online you will have the option of pausing in between the overall conversation. Rewind, fast forward and pause buttons will help you to repeat all the phrase and different parts of the conversation many times. 

As stated by Nelson Mandela “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart” and to reach the hearts of the Spanish speakers you need to understand their language and make them understand your language. Learn the language of love and romance and dive into the Latino culture. So next time you are in Spain or you get to meet a Spanish speaking person, you would know the trick of conversing freely with that person.