10 Jun 2017

The Importance of Music in Childhood Development

It is commonly said that “Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart”. So music can be a good tool to generate happiness in the hearts of your child. Music is a universal language of communication, so regardless of the background and language problem everyone can communicate with music. Harvard psychologists have confirmed that music is your best way of knowing and communicating your child. 

Do you want to help your child to be mentally stronger than others? Obviously, your answer will be yes and if it is a yes, then music is your effective tool in this matter. Researches show that music stimulates logical and rational parts of your child’s brain, and helps them in developing their reading, mathematics and emotional skills.Help your child to learn a musical instrument from their early years because as per the reports of National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, this initiative will help your child to improve their numerical learning ability and will also improve the SAT score.

You can boost that your child has a brilliant memory to everyone but for that, you need to just simply introduce your child to music from the early years. When the child hears the songs of different languages all the time, he is prone to develop language control and the soothing music stimulates all cells of the brain. So now your child’s brain is well developed to work along with his body. 

Which parents would not love to have a socially extrovert child with high confidence levels? We know that you are thinking is it possible to boost confidence in a 5 to 6 year old child with only exposing him to music? Yes, researches confirm that music has the power to build confidence in children. When you expose your child to any musical instrument, the child mixes with different other individuals of either his age or of different age and is able to shed off the introvert nature. During the course of learning musical instruments, children are made to perform in different live shows and concerts which give them the opportunity to stand up in light and develop confidence. In some cases, the child may be criticised for the bad performances and as rightly said failure is the key to success, every criticism makes the confidence level of the child stronger.

Is your child an infant? And you are largely troubled with sleepless nights and not able to control the crying of your child? Then you already know the best solution. Use music to sooth your infant child. Music can enliven your infant’s mind and make the child fall in sleep readily which will also help you get rid of sleepless nights. 

As rightly stated by George Savile “A man who is master of patience is master of everything else” and hence it is desirable that a child gradually learns to develop the skills of being patient from the very early years. When a child is playing in a band or orchestra, your child needs to wait for his/her turn to play the music. That waiting period makes the child patient and mentally strong to deal any situation with ease. “You need to work together in a group to make good music” stated by Dotson-Westphalen and hence this also helps your child to develop the skills of group work at an early stage. 

Music can also highlight the creative aspect of your kid. Introduction to music from childhood will help your child to open up to the beats. Then the wild dancing side or the poetic lyricist side of your child will be revealed with the help of the music. Thus music encourages the inner creativity. Finally, it can be pointed that when the child is hearing to music and learning from the same, he/she is also developing good listening skills which may add to their future communication skills.

So do you have a wannabe singer at your home? Or a future pianist is growing up at your place? How will you identify the hidden musical talents of your child? Give them a musical environment. Encourage them to show their moves and sing out loud. You and your child will surely feel the unspoken joy of music all around you.